Trivial Pursuit!

It is not an exaggeration to state that one of the reasons I almost immediately fell in love with my husband on our first date was that I knew I was never going to lose at Trivial Pursuit again. Within a few minutes of knowing him, I realized that the vast stores of information in his brain are staggering.
And never losing again at Trivial Pursuit is very important to me. Occasionally when my family would play games, we would either play cards, Scrabble, or Trivial Pursuit. My mother turns from sweetest woman ever to crazed competitor when playing cards or Scrabble. And I am hopeless at both, and would lose both. But I would *really* lose at Trivial Pursuit. My father would stomp both my mom and I at Trivial Pursuit, getting increasingly giddy with his amazement at his knowledge, and saying things like, “I can’t believe you didn’t know that!”

I made straight As in school, do well in most intellectual endeavors, but have a mind for trivia, I DO NOT. And it is so frustrating for me. I feel so *stupid*. Enter DH. I can just sit back, watch the game, and admire his ginormous brain. And drink.

As I have been playing Trivial Pursuit as a grown-up, I am occasionally happy with myself because it seems some trivia has latched itself in my brain. Not much, mind you, but I generally can be counted on knowing the answers to all of the pop culture questions DH doesn’t know the answer to. Yay, me.

Last night we had our friends Mark and Georgia over for dinner and Trivial Pursuit. We haven’t seen them in too long of a time, the only explanation being that DH and I must like to avoid really enjoyable things. For last night’s game, we split teams along party lines – girls and boys. Although, I did not worry, because Georgia also is scarily smart, so I poured myself another cocktail and settled in. And we tied with the boys, which is ok, because we beat them last time we played.

Whenever I get a question right, I am just delighted – I feel vindicated for years of never knowing the answer to any trivia questions. EVER. My average hasn’t improved that much – out of 43 questions last night, I knew the answer to only 12. But that is better than knowing the answer to none. (Luckily Georgia knew the answers to a lot of them!)

And so I present for your gaming pleasure, Are You Smarter Than A Ginger? – a list of questions I knew the answer to last night:

1. What popster was Pepsi’s pitchman when Coke signed up Julio Iglesias?
2. What Southeast Asian city opened a “real” Hilton hotel in February of 1999?
3. What Louisianans converse in Bougalie, a French term for “Bog Talk”?
4. What large chain store do Britons playfully call “Marks and Sparks”?
5. What Irish writer noted as he died: “My wallpaper is killing me. One of us will have to go”?
6. What intrepid seafarers used the term “Skraelings” to describe the natives they encountered in the New World?
7. What medical measurement includes systolic and diastolic values? (Of course I know the answer to that one.)
8. What drink made Parisian imbibers happy at Green Hour, before it was outlawed in 1915?
9. What hospital professional do wiseguys bluntly call an “ax”?
10. What tall member of the Aster family did Kansas select for their official nickname?
11. What numerical expression do teens and business folk use to mean “all the time”?
12. Which two-masted rig has a taller mast aft and a shorter mast forward – ketch, schooner or yawl?
You feel pretty good after reading that list? You know the answer to all of those? Ok, well. BRING. IT. ON. (and I will bring my husband.)

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