Week 2!

Hello there, internets. Welcome to the status update of week two. Woot!

I have had a bad week (more details to follow) and only hit 3/6 of my goals.  But you know what?  I lost over 2.4 lbs!!!  Seems like a pretty good success then. Especially since my response to stress is NOT to not eat.
Here are the results:
1. Complete two classes – check. I attended two strength classes with Mandy. They were hard. But I was so glad to get back into the swing of things – it felt wonderful to feel all those muscles again and to see all my friends.
2. Complete 15 miles – no, no check, not quite. I completed 13, which isn’t bad at all. And did I mention I lost 2.4 lbs???
3. Vegan seven days – check.
4. Only one sweet – no check – I had two sweets – a glass of sprite and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I have been jonesing for sugar the past couple of days.
5. Hang out with friends at least once – check – my friend Wendy and I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Yes, I cried.  SUCH a good movie.
6. Finish 1/2 of Wifey by Judy Blume – alas, no, I was reading frantically last night, but didn’t get there. I am not a fan of the book, but I can’t bring myself to stop reading a book once I have invested some time in it. So I will persevere.
3/6, so nothing from Etsy for me. But there is an ephemera clip art cd that I WANT REAL BAD on Etsy, so that is motivation to do well this week. Here are my goals:
1. Complete three classes – the plan is one Zumba, one Yoga, and one strength training class.
2. Clomplete 17 miles – I still really want to hit my 48-mile goal for the month.
3. Vegan seven days.
4. Only one sweet.
5. Hang out with friends two times – I have three things scheduled, so I assume I will blow away this goal. (Although it does sound like I have a busy week, doesn’t it?)
6. Finish Wifey by Judy Blume and Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella. I am listening to the latter on CD. It is a really stressful book – I have to keep reminding myself that it is just fiction and that there really isn’t a girl who allowed her mother and her future mother-in-law to spend tens of thousands of dollars on two weddings for her on the same day in different countries. I think I may need a break from the antics of Becky Bloomwood after I finish this one.

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