Quite Interesting!

One of the delights of finding DH is getting exposed to all kinds of entertainment I had never been exposed to. While I was watching The Real World well past the age when I should be, DH was listening to BBC radio dramas and reading Graham Greene. I still haven’t gotten into classical music, but lots of what he has introduced me to has stuck.

Now I can divide my life into two sections, life before I was aware of the genius of Stephen Fry, and the glorious life afterwards. Stephen Fry is a scarily smart, hilariously deadpan, brilliant actor, comedian, commentator, and writer. Oh and he is gay and very tall. He has been in some U.S movies, a lot of British TV and movies, and this blog would go on and on and on and on if I tried to describe everything he is involved in. He even does voice work in video games. You can read all about him in the wikipedia entry, or check out his blog, The New Adventures of Mr. Stephen Fry.

But one of my top three favorite outputs of him is QI, a panel game show thingie where the goal of the contestants is not to get the questions right but to say interesting things. (My other two Fry favorites are the series Jeeves and Wooster and his podgrams, especially the one on how he doesn’t like to dance.)

Here is what makes QI so great:

1. It often features the adorable Alan Davies. With his curly hair and boyish grin, you just want to eat him with a spoon. And he is HILARIOUS. And he is a pescetarian.

2. You learn a lot, most of it I can’t remember, but there are some very interesting tidbits to be gleaned that have the capacity to make one’s conversations much more interesting. For example, did you know there are over 2,000 tigers kept as pets in Texas? Or that Alexander Graham Bell stole the idea for the telephone and passed it off as his own?

3. The British really are funny. There is no denying it. I am constantly laughing my bottom off when watching the show, and I don’t understand their accent on a good 1/4 of it.

4. Stephen Fry is a genius. He has a wonderful amount of knowledge, but the things he can do with the English language are staggering.

I debated blogging about this because the only reason we can watch QI is because DH bought the DVDs from Amazon UK and we have a region-free DVD player. I hate to introduce something as wonderful as this when people don’t have access, but after watching a few episodes this weekend, I must. Maybe someday it will be available on Itunes. In the meantime, DH and I would love to have you over to watch some – or there are tons of clips on youtube. Here are some of my favorites:

Grammar Lesson
How to pour a Guinness
E-commerce, zoos, and Liam Neeson’s member
Queen’s Handbag and Glasses
Beer Goggles


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