Week 1!

Here are my results for week 1 of 2009.

1. Complete one class – check. I did my Yoga for Weightloss DVD at home. Like putting on fruit-scented lotion, yoga is a strong attractor of the crazy licking dog. When I am prone on the floor, she just can’t help herself.
2. Complete 12 miles – 3 – Not even close. I have a lingering cold with lots of congestion in my chest, and the two times I actually made it to the gym, I found it hard to breathe when exerting myself.
3. Vegan seven days – check.
4. Only one sweet – check. And the really, really great news is that when I stepped on the scale this morning, I had lost 5 lbs over the last 3 weeks. I put that down to avoiding the sweets. Even cheating over Christmas eve and Christmas day, cutting back my sweet intake is drastically reducing the calories I am taking in. Yay!
5. Hang out with friends at least once – check – Lunch with two friends on New Year’s Eve.
6. Finish Once Upon a Time in the North by Philip Pullman – check. I was dissapointed at the end of the book to see that Lyra Silvertongue was getting her doctorate in Economic Thistory – seems like she would have studied the sciences.

5 out of 6 – I have something on order from Etsy.

Here are my goals for next week:
1. Complete two classes.
2. Complete 15 miles – to start making up the miles I missed last week.
3. Vegan seven days.
4. Only one sweet.
5. Hang out with friends at least once.
6. Finish 1/2 of Wifey by Judy Blume.


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