I received a Border’s gift certificate from my mother-in-law for Christmas. And since rediscovering the majesty that is the library, the only type of books I like to buy now are craft books that have lots of projects and inspirational pictures that will get me going on a lazy weekend day without having to leave the house. With my gift certificate I bought two beading books, and one of them, Beadalicious by Sonya Nimri, is now one of my favorites. It is full of gorgeous, original designs (photographed on very skinny women, one of them I think is the author).

I gasped at the picture of the very first project. The most adorable cherry earrings ever – earrings with cherries made of beads dangling from an earring wire with a little white bow. So absolutely adorable. The author has definitely avoided the trap of humdrum beading designs. She is absolutely brilliant. And of course she has a website: It looks like she does a lot more than just jewelry design.

Here are the projects I have worked on after getting her book.

1. I made my own version of the cherry earrings. I went to three bead stores in KC and couldn’t find the round, flat beads she used for her cherries, so I did a slightly different version that is on a smaller scale.

Are not they absolutely adorable? I do love them. Sure, they may not be ideal for a winter wardrobe, but imagine wearing them with a white t-shirt at the city market this summer? Perfection.

2. Beadalicious has this gorgeous beaded, wrapped heart pendant. It is intricate and lovely. I decided to give it a whirl using a circle form. First, because the circle would be easier than a heart. I haven’t figured out how to bend 16-gauge wire easily without a lot of cursing and pain. AND ever since my college roomate took a womens’ history course where they told her what the heart represented in Victorian times, and then she told me, I can’t get behind the heart shape as much. I won’t tell you – I won’t ruin hearts for you. LIKE SHE RUINED HEARTS FOR ME. Let’s just say I can’t eat those Necco hearts at Valentine’s day without blushing.

Monday is going to be wretched at work – but I think I will get out of bed because I am looking forward to wearing this with my new black shirt with the gold buttons. Here’s hoping it’s enough.

3. To go with the above pendant, I made a wire wrapped ring, another project from the book. Hers is better, but she is a professional. I am quite happy with mine, thank you very much.


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