Happy New Year!!!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are optimistic about the new year. I am, but I am a sucker for a new year.

There is much I want to write about tonight… but I wasted so much time fixing my new layout. Ugh. I need to get better at this. The layout for my other two blogs will be changed in the near future, but I want to get to actually blogging.

So, for my first entry tonight… here is what I want to achieve this year:

1. Complete 750 miles. As DH pointed out “That is just two miles per day.” I still think it is a pretty good stretch goal. And I am very lucky to have a stellar workout buddy, Kelly, who has the same goal for the year and consistently shows up at the gym at 5:30 every weekday morning. (I am kind of dreading how busy the gym is going to be tomorrow morning.) I have calculated how many miles per month I will need to complete to get that done, with my mileage increasing every month by adding a mile a week on. This month I am going to complete 12 miles per week.

2. Attend 100 exercise classes, like my classes with Mandy, Zumba, or yoga.

3. Be vegan for 365 days. The first month is the hardest.

4. Eat 56 or fewer sweets.

5. Read 56 books.

6. Hang out with my friends 56 times. I miss having close relationships with my friends. I am not so good at showing up since getting married and becoming a stepmom. I want to get back to being a good friend with lots of social engagements. So I am making showing up a priority.

Some notes on the goals:

1. The 56 number came from a typo my trainer put in her blog where a goal she reccomended was 56 sweets per year, one per week. And I thought it was so cute I kept it for my weekly goals.

2. I measure my progress daily by beads in a jars (pictured above). The goals have been separated into jars, and when I hit a goal for the day, I move a bead into the big jar. Soon I should have a jar full of pretty beads representing my accomplishments.

3. Every week I hit 5/6 of my goals, I am going to treat myself to something from Etsy that is under $20.

4. Every month that I hit all of my goals, I am going to put away $100 for my future wardrobe for the slimmer me.

5. My new year started 12/27. Just because. My week is Sat-Fri.

Here are my goals for this week (12/27 – 1/2)

1. 1 class
2. Vegan seven days
3. 12 miles
4. Only one sweet
5. Hang out with friends at least once.
6. Finish Once Upon a Time in the North by Philip Pullman

I will let you know Saturday how it went.

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