I feel like I have been putting up and taking down holiday decorations for several lifetimes.  That is mostly due to the fact that as long as I have had my own apartment or home, I have gone way over the top in decorating. The first few years it was fun, the next few years it was because I had an annual holiday party, and now it is just compulsory.  If it weren’t for the kids, I think I would crawl under the covers the day I had carved to spread holiday cheer around my house and just enjoy the decorations at my mom’s house.

In fact, when I first looked at my house, my mom and I eyed the big fireplace mantle and the banister and she gasped, “Just think of the Christmas decorations you could do.” So, sigh. 
This year wasn’t too bad because I didn’t do the kitchen. Every other year I have put out all of my snowman plates, figurines, wall hangings in the kitchen. I skipped it this year because it felt like too much – lots of getting on ladders.  And DH put up the Christmas tree, so all in all I had a pretty easy time of it this year. And maybe next year I can face all those snowmen.
Here are some pictures of our decorating, including the festively-festooned banisters:


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