Mandy made a pretty big threat tonight. She said she needs to be meaner with us.  Arggghhh!  I adore Mandy unreasonably, and part of the reason is that she is always so kind and patient. Courteous aggression is her usual trainer mode. And it works well for me. 

And I want to produce results for her and for me without her having to be mean. Not only because I am a little scared of mean Mandy, but because surely I shouldn’t need somebody to be mean to me to reach my goals, right? hmmm…
So I made a deal with her that if I show results in the next 30 days, I can avoid the meanness. I am basically buying a reprieve with eating right and exercising consistently. The conditions are 30 days of “clean” eating with only one sweet per week. 
That and the kid at the gym are keeping me from overeating tonight.  Oh… and Kelly and I made a pact to take a certain type of fitness class (that I won’t mention in mixed company) if we meet our goal by summer. And Mandy agreed to go with us also.  Any other takers?  Should be great fun.

2 thoughts on “Threat!

  1. I’ll join you in that class…if we’re thinking along the same line. I’d never go without a group of fun-loving friends but I’m certainly up for it as a group…can we have wine before the class? Have you heard that this particular class might be offered at the new gym in town?

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