Hello – I have been sick the last couple days and way too incommunicado (luckily my Spanish hasn’t left me, despite my illness). I do not like being sick. Despite years and years and years and years of living on my own, since DH and I have been together, I don’t like to be on my own in the house. And without someone else in the house, Annie and I quickly descend into sleeping on the couch, unshowered, watching bad television and eating worse food. I am giving myself allowances for being ill, but it isn’t a pretty picture. (As I side note, I just love that Privileged show on the CW.)

I am reflecting on this year… and it easy to focus on the cruddy stuff. DH and I were recently congratulating ourselves on the strength of our marriage despite having a pretty tough year. (Neither of us mentioned this, but also the strength of our marriage despite my tendency to be discontent and demanding – I am a real charmer.)

But here is my lists of bests from 2008.

best night out: By far, it was the night DH and I went out for drinks at Sky’s and dinner at Le Fou Frog. I thought the whole night that we really should do more cultural/cool things in KC to prevent us aging beyond our years. That was in March. And then the next time we did something like that was last weekend. Sigh.

best night in: Watching election returns at Aunt Betty’s while getting HAMMERED!

best music: Vampire Weekend, new Kings of Leon, Adele

best movies: Mamma Mia (OMG!!!! soooooo good!!!!!), Bolt, Religilous, Run, Fat Boy, Run!

best book: Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella. This was the only book released in 2008 that I read this year, but I think it would have been my favorite, regardless.

best purchase: Truthfully, our new flat screen television – but so that I don’t seem soooo materialistic – my multi-purpose beading tool that I use many hours every week.

best new clothes: My purplish cardigan that I got from Old Navy for $7. Woot.

best television show: Whatever, Martha! Why have they made so few? How can suppliers let things dry up like that once you get addicted???

best day out: Going to the Pompidou in Paris and eating my veggie sandwich on the rooftop cafe.

best day in: A couple weekends ago on a Saturday when we had the kids and didn’t have ANY commitments and we ate pancakes and read and/or played Lego all day. It was nice not having anything to do and even better not having any guilt over the commitments we might be skipping to get some downtime.

best accomplishment: Being able to JOG. For a MILE!

best unexpectedness: All the friends I have made through working out. Oh, and how much fun this blog is.

Happy rest of 2008!!


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