In the last week, I have woken up at 5:12 am for three mornings. Those of you who habitually wake up early, It seems like a small thing to be proud of, but I am very proud of it. After waking up at that very early hour, I went to the gym and ran/walked/ellipticaled 3 miles and showered and got ready at the gym (decent looking hair be damned).

I am so proud of this because it gives me hope. Hope that I can achieve what I want to achieve, because three times almost doubles the number of times I have woken up at 5:12 and worked out the rest of the year.

And if you follow this blog, you probably are even more doubtful than me of my ability to achieve my weight-loss goals. I have no right to believe this day, this week, this month, this year will be different – I have been cheating on diets since I was 13 years old, with only two brief successes in all of that time.

But I have woken up at 5:12 am three times in the last week. That is something. And it gives me hope, evidence that I am as strong as I think I am. And if you don’t think I can do it, I don’t want to hear about it.

So here is what I am looking forward to in the next month, my reasons to wake up at 5:12 am…

1. To see the number on the scale *finally* go down. I have a very modest goal – seven pounds. Mandy says on her blog that the average person gains seven pounds over the holidays, and so I figure if I lose 7 pounds, it really is like 14! (yea, I know, whatever)

2. To report on this blog the number of miles I have completed when I hit the 1/2 way point to my goal. I want to complete a staggering number of miles in the last 45 days of this year – I mean truly ginormous. And I know it goes against all logic to set such an unreachable stretch goal, but I set it anyway. And when I reach 1/2 way, I will report that and the total number I am going to walk.

3. Going with the twins and DH to see my friend Sarah play flute at Powell Gardens with the twins.

4. Christmas shopping for the kids in the family I adopted at Christmas. It is one of my favorite traditions of the year – picking out the gifts the kids requested and thinking of how happy they will be Christmas morning. My mom had us adopt a family every Christmas when I was kid – and I have carried on ever since being gainfully employed. It is the only type of shopping that will get me to brave the stores during holiday shopping time. (If you want to join in on the fun with me and buy a couple items for the kids, let me know – I think I am going to go shopping on Saturday in Liberty.)

5. Continuing to hear the good news about the decent retail results at H.M.S Beagle despite the economoy. (If you are looking for science-related gifts for anybody on your shopping list, please, please, please go there. Please. They now have an online store.)

6. Getting a new role at my company. (knock on wood)

7. Seeing friends for holiday celebrations – especially Aunt Betty’s Christmas eve party!!

8. Giving my mom the gifts I made for her for Christmas.

Happy Holidays, everybody!!


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