This post is late in its arrival, but I still wanted to get my list out of top ten things I am thankful for (in no particular order).

1. A steady job that pays enough. I kibitz about work a lot – too much – but at the end of the day I am very lucky to do work that mostly satisfies me with some people who I like very much.
2. DH – the sweetest, best friend a girl could ask for. He is patient, funny, intelligent, and keeps up with me. 
3. SS and SD – for being my greatest challenge and bringing their joy, silliness, and unique world-view to my life. 
4. New friends – I have made some great new friends this year, and I feel so lucky to be so old and so settled, and still meeting new and interesting and wonderful women. I think new friends keep us young.
5. Old friends – I am especially thankful for all of my old friends this year. It has been a hard and busy year, and my old friends have been there for me, and continue to support and like me, despite my abysmal track record of showing up this year. That is my resolution for next year.
6. My parents – My mom ALWAYS takes my tear-stained calls when things are just too much, and both my parents always share in my joy and are doing an excellent job with the toughness of being step-grandparents and our decision to not have kids.  They are amazing people and never waiver in their love and devotion to me.
7. Annie – My shadow, my girl, my joy. When I am home she is never more than a few feet from me. Her sweet personality, gentle nature, and sense of humor fill me with happiness. She is the perfect antidote for childlessness (that and a trip to Wal-Mart). I never knew what it was like to truly love a dog until I met her, and I owe her the world.
8. My home – With all of its foibles and creaks and oldness, it still shelters us and makes us feel safe.
9. Aunt Betty – For being my “extended” family and super fun, always paying for the drinks, and agreeing to be my family when everybody else is gone.
10. Everything else – All the other stuff that fills my life outside of work, friends, family, and Annie – beading, card-making, knitting, reading, exercising, blogging – all of it that takes me out of myself and gives me moments of peace and focus.

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