There wasn’t a single Christmas as a kid where I didn’t get some fabulous thing. Almost always it was my heart’s desire, but both my parents are excellent gift givers, so sometimes I got things that were my heart’s desire, but I didn’t realize it until I opened the gift. From Barbies to Bongos, I always had a happy Christmas.

Christmas as a grown-up makes me focus on different things – saving money to achieve bigger life goals, spending money on gifts for the kids, and finding ways to simplify my life (i.e. not shopping as much) so I can spend time with friends and family. I no longer want the big Christmas gifts for me – I have everything I could need, and almost everything I could want…

But setting all that aside, I am allowing myself a few minutes to come up with my absolute, selfish, pointlessly fun, top ten Christmas wish list. Don’t judge. And post your own list so I don’t feel so lonely in being materialistic.

1. A bottle of every single frangrance in the Demeter fragrance library.

2. A black Saturn hybrid Vue with GPS, sattelite radio, faux beige leather seats, and a plug-in for my iPod.

3. A border collie and enough free time to train her and Annie to do obstacle courses.

4. One in every color of the Coach patent leather collection. (I mean, seriously, $400 for a fake leather purse????)

5. A revamped craft room with a jar or box for everything and a big idea board and a separate table for beading, sewing, and paper crafts.

6. One of everything from Urban Arts and Crafts.

7. A new mac laptop for everybody in my house. Oooo… and an iPhone.

8. A $1000 Etsy gift certificate.

9. A private Wilco concert for me and my friends.

10. An organized and streamlined pantry with every ingredient needed for awesome vegan cooking. And a new, fancy gas oven.

That was fun. Now back to real life.


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