In the Absolutely Fabulous episode “New Best Friend”, Edina is busy clearing her home in preparation of the visit of her friends who have minimalist taste. Edina is aghast at how cluttered her home is, culminating in clearing whole table tops with a sweep of her arm yelling “Surfaces!”

Sometimes I have that impulse, that everything in my house is too full – if I see any empty surface, I have a compulsion to fill it with vases and picture frames. The same with my personal style… I would love to be the sort of girl who was happy wearing simple stud earrings leaving the house, but I seem almost instinctively drawn to big, chunky, loud jewelry. As evidenced by the huge purple crocheted flower with a yellow button center that is my favorite recent addition to my accessory repertoire. Subtle, it is not. It seems the chaos theory runs rampant in my life.

This is further demonstrated by the craft projects I worked on this weekend. I had every intention of creating simple, streamlined crafts. And then I broke my own rules almost immediately.

Chaotic Christmas Tree

Festival of trees
is on December 4, 2008. It is an auction of decorated Christmas trees that benefits Christmas on the River, my favorite holiday celebration. My mom is a co-chair and when she was talking about it recently, I got excited and offered to decorate and donate a tabletop tree.

I began with the rule that the tree would consist of only three colors: red, green, and white. And I would do three different ornament types. I wanted it to look simple and crafty. Well, I broke my rules. Blue and silver crept in. And then there ended up being lots of different types of ornaments. Chaos. But I still like it – I hope it sells!

Oh, and a quick note… stringing garland with seed beads is not as fun as it sounds, it gets rather boring after the second hour.

Chaotic Chain Necklace

I have an importantish meeting on Tuesday, and I wanted to make a new necklace to go with my grey sweater which would make me feel composed and sophisticated. Of course, that would be one powerful necklace, but I still was going to try. I purchased some gun metal black chain links and some crystals and beads in related colors. The rule I set for myself is that I was going to put one and only one bead in each small chain in the link. And then immediately I got bored with that and added lots of different types of crystals and beads in lots of different configurations and wrapped some thin copper wire around the chains. I like it very much, but it ended up being busy and free form – which really is a description for me – much more so than composed and sophisticated. Oh, and there are matching earrings.


One thought on “Chaos!

  1. See, I wish I was like you. I’m way too simple and sometimes I’ll buy something that totally isn’t me or try to decorate something that is very not-simple….it never works! I always go back to my roots. Why is it that we want what we aren’t?Good post!

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