Gin and Juice!

Hello from the trenches of the Agile Software Development conference in Orlando, Florida. Today has been a pretty darn good day, but that is after 3 glasses of Cab and my second glass of Tanqueray and Orange Juice. Yeah, I might have a problem.

First, to explain my excessive drinking… remember that I went to Hermann with DH to learn to like wine? Well, it frickin’ took. I went to the free happy hour sponsored by the conference and ordered the toughest wine they had, a cabernet, and I liked it. And I was so proud of myself for liking it that I ordered another. And then another. And then the happy hour ended….

And so then I came to the bar to blog and to give my roomate (I am sharing a room at the conference) some space. And so I had a Tanqueray and oj (which I know I like) and sitting here blogging in the hotel bar by myself is so surreal, unique for me, and fun that I ordered another. And if I am completely honest internets, another that just showed up from the cocktail waitress who suddenly likes me very much. Raise your hands if you think I am going to be in some pain during the 8 am session on “What the Agile Manifesto Left Out”? . But I swear this is the last one… or the second to last one. I don’t want to be too hasty… after all it is only 6:30 at home. Woot!

So, after 5.5 cocktails, here are my observations from the last two days of the conference. Here we gooooooooo……

1. The conference offers free coffee in the morning and during breaks. For the coffee, they provide paper coffee cups with sleeves and plastic lids AND good ol’ fashioned coffee mugs. And it seems like every dern person chooses a paper cup with all the accoutrements over a coffee mug. WHY? I have no idea… they aren’t driving anywhere… most don’t even have to walk up steps to get to their sessions. Why not just take the mug and save all that paper and plastic?? And why are they even offering the paper cups?? Oy.

2. Do you know how to ruin a group exercise? Include a damn software engineer. Hello, buzz kill.

3. The woman who gave my session today has my absolute dream job. She is zoftig, funny, smart, and passionate about software requirements. She gets to travel around the world consulting on software requirements, training people, and attending conferences. I really want that job but am not sure I have the capacity/desire to do all of the work to get that job. Maybe I will after the drinks wear off.

4. Overheard between sessions this morning:

Dude 1: What does that biquitous word the presenter used today mean?
Dude 2: You mean umbiquitous? (note: pronounced Yum-biquitous)
Dude 1: Yea!
Dude 2: Well, it is like stuff is everywhere. Like this air is umbiquitous.
Dude 1: Oh… ok… like Starbucks is umbiquitous.
Dude 2: Right!! Totally. You got it.
Dude 1: Cool.

5. I am so lucky to have found DH – I think he is the only person I could spend every damn day of my life with. (I am pretty intolerant, as I am reminded after sharing a room with another person.) I sure do miss DH!!

6. The insurance industry is too damn big. In these workshops I have been going to, it seems like 1/3 people work for IT departments for insurance companies.

7. I was feeling pretty smug at this conference about the fact that the type of software developed at the company I work at is pretty complex compared to other companies – that our job and our industry is nothing to sniff at. And then I went to a session today and sat next to a woman who develops requirements for software that supports missile deployment. Uh, well, nevermind, she can keep that job.

8. The day just goes better if you wake up and get your three miles in. Today I woke up at 5:40 and ran a mile, walked a mile, and ellipticaled a mile at the gym in the hotel. And the rest of the morning I felt more together, more accomplished. I have been HORRIBLE about keeping up with my diet and exercise goals for the past two weeks. I had every intention to keep it together during vacation and the conference, but lost my focus. So today I started anew and have done pretty darn good (ignore all of the drinks!) It could also be the super fancy, state-of-the-art gym at the hotel and that the fact that a vegan lunch at the conference consists of grilled vegetables every damn day. But I will take it. To meet my mileage goals for this 6-week stint, I have to walk three miles every day. And I am going to do it. (Says the drunk girl.)

9. Finally, I am reading American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. I am a fan of Laura Bush, and the book is a fictional biography of her, and it is really good. I am just endeared to her, even though I know the book isn’t really about her. I highly reccomend it. I am now going to shut my computer and read it while I drink my fourth gin and juice. Oy.


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