Tonight DH is having to work with my SS to finish his Pharoah costume for the Halloween parade at school tomorrow. I am excited this year because the kids have really cool costumes and we get to take them trick or treating this year. Alexandra is going as the Angel of Death. (Look out Wellington Way, here we come!) I will post pictures of the kids in their costumes – I am hoping one year they can be talked into going as Edgar and Ellen (, but that is probably a pipe dream.

I have not been much of a halloween nut in the past few years, but I really loved it as a kid because of the costumes. Typical of me, I always tried to have an overly-complicated costume, which meant lots of work for my parents and some difficulty maneuvering when trick or treating. (I try to make all fun things as complicated as humanly possible.) I cannot remember all of my costumes, but here are the ones I can remember:

1. Witch costume that my mom made – it was awesome.
2. Amoco sign – my dad made and painted it out of cardboard and I wore it with red and white striped leggings and leotard underneath. That one particularly dates me, because I don’t think Amoco even exists anymore?
3. Hall pass – again, a huge cardboard box with a rope hanging out of it. I can’t believe how indulgent my parents were! It was hard to walk in that one – but still my favorite of all time.
4. Flapper
5. Homecoming queen with a gun, from the Julie Brown song. Nobody got it.

This year I am going as a patient stepmother, which looks like me except I always wear a smile. Happy Halloween!


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