Coffee News!

Do you ever read the Coffee News ( in restaurants? I do when I want to be puzzled to the point of annoyance. I hate when I can’t make things fit in my mind.* I mean, I understand Coffee News exists to sell advertising and make money. But I am always confused as to which stories make the cut and why – except they are short to read while you drink a coffee and are intended to bring a smile to your face. Although I usually am so dumbfounded I don’t smile.

So, being that I have not been good at keeping up with this blog, I am providing you with my version of Coffee News… here goes:

1. I have recurring nightmares of losing my job now. (yay!) This has happened since the fall in the stock market now would prevent our investments from providing for us for any extended period of time. So I have chosen to stop listening to financial news in the morning. I just can’t take it adding to my jitteryness. Now I listen to Wilco CDs – a much cheerier way of starting the day.

2. DH, the kids, and I went to Worlds of Fun on Sunday. It was a lot of fun, but very, very, very tiring. And my SD rode all the scary roller coasters and loved them. I can’t tell you how much I like having a gauranteed roller coaster buddy for the next 10 years or so. DH gave the Mamba the old college try, with mixed results.

3. As I have stated many times before in this blog, I don’t wear high heels. But then I bought these shoes that are loafers with big clog heels and they make my feet feel great. Generally when I wake up in the middle of the night, it hurts to walk on my feet, but after wearing these shoes all day yesterday, my feet didn’t hurt once last night or this morning – I felt like I was 25 again. I don’t know why these shoes help, but I am getting them in every color… which is just brown and black, but whatevs. Update: Here is a link to the shoes like mine: – except mine are Mary Janes – but the heel/concept is the same. Three days wearing them – and I even went for a 1-mile walk with a coworker over lunch, and they still feel great.

4. I still don’t have my test results back on the Cushing’s.

5. I ate 14 bazillion million quatrillion too many calories last week. And that is only a slight exaggeration.

6. I leave for a conference on Agile software development in two weeks. It will be 3/4 times that I have missed my brother-in-law’s birthday because of a work trip, especially coincidental since I only go on about one work trip per year.

7. I have a recession hairdo now – I had it died back to my real color, which is pretty dark. I thought it was all dramatic looking, but no one has noticed – which probably speaks to the fact that I had let my highlights grow out too much.

8. Zumba for the Cure on Saturday was one of the best things I have done in a while. It was fun seeing all the women dressed in pink and dancing to Zumba music. For the cool down, Mandi the instructor played Melissa Etheridge’s I Run for Life, which had tears running down my face while we cooled down – it is a great, if not completely cheesy, song. I need to add it to my own work-out mix.

(* The thing that truly makes my brain hurt is decorative plastic fencing. I understand the need/desire to use plastic fencing to keep something in – but I will never understand when it is decorative – starts randomly and stops randomly as decoration, when it is obvious it is plastic and not wrought iron or wood. It makes my brain hurt – like potted plastic flowers. Ow!)


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