Inspired by Sarah’s recent ode to fall, I have a list of my own things I look forward to when fall comes around. Although it is a no-brainer for me, I love spring and fall, not such a fan of summer.

1. H.M.S. Beagle Rocket Science Day. Woo hooo. Launching rockets and boy scouts selling food. What could be more nerdy fun than that? Rockets that stay the longest in the air win prizes like Rocket Science Day t-shirts or rocket engines. Did I mention it was nerdy fun? I also get a little crush on the Range Safety Officer. He is so cute helping the kids set their rockets up. The first year Rocket Science Day was in August (ugh!). It is much better in the cool fall.

2. Fall Food. Apples, butternut squash, Tofurkey that isn’t just for Thanksgiving anymore. Here is a pick of cinnamon apples in squash that DH and I fixed to celebrate the welcome onslaught of fall.

3. Halloween Anticipation. SS and SD are BONKERS for Halloween. And the countdown starts in August, well, no actually the countdown starts November 1. These are the kids who scour the library for “halloween books” all year. Here they are showing off their Halloween posters WEEKS before the celebration.

4. T-shirt over T-shirt. I love this fashion combo. And I can put my feet in tennis shoes, not sandals. YAY!!

5. Porch Sittin’. Sitting on the porch curled in a blanket in the cool evening with DH sipping tea or cocktails. And soon the mosquitos will be gone!


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