Since I got my big green purse for fall, I have been more than a little obsessed with the color combination of brown with bright colors, here is the evolution of that obsession (in list format) that led to the beaded pendant and ribbon necklaces pictured above.  
1. My obsession first manifested itself as a crochet scarf I am working on.
2. I wanted more instant gratification in working with that color scheme, so made a necklace with the bright colors + brown that is in the scarf I am working on. 
3. And then another necklace in the same color scheme after I learned how to use those wonderful crimp beads.  I got the inspiration for both of the designs for the necklaces from the Bead Simple book much lauded on the internets.
Here is a pic of those two necklaces:
4. Next, I tried a circle with branches with some left over brown and green and yellow beads based on a design I loved in the Bead Simple book.  And I had so much fun making that one that I dashed to the craft store and bought some black and white beads to do two other versions.
5. Now I am obsessed with finishing my scarf so that I can wear it.  ARRRGGHHH…. crochet hook, take me home.  I will post pictures of it the MOMENT I am done.

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