Here are some new things in my life…

1. Crochet. All Sunday I kept saying to my husband “I crochet! I am a crocheter!” ala Bill Murray in What About Bob when he decried he sails, he is a sailor after being strapped to a sailboat and taken for a spin.

Two years ago for Christmas DH got me a DVD on how to crochet. I never cracked it open. But after several frustrating attempts to learn from a book, I decided to give the DVD a try. And it worked. And I like crochet, which will be much to the chagrin of my knitting friends.

The DVD was very helpful. I didn’t think it would be because knitting shows are so NOT helpful. The hands always block the action and they go too fast and never cover the really important or difficult stuff. But this DVD has clear audio and video and I totally caught on to the basic crochet stitches.

SD was watching it with me while she worked on her second yellow knitted scarf. I will admit the DVD is a skosh cheesy. The musak is bad, and the 80s pastel set is a little over-the-top. And the woman doing the teaching talks to the viewers like they are kindergartners… but I think that is why it works. (Unlike Vickie Howell saying “Rad” or something like that all the time while someone is trying to show something.) So during a stitch break where we at home work on our stitches before the next segment on the DVD, SD asks me…

“Is that woman still alive?”
“The one on the DVD?”
“Sure, probably, I think so.”
“Oh, good! I am sooooo glad.”

Weird. My instinct was to probe why SD would query if the crochet DVD woman was still alive (the woman in the DVD is in her early thirties), but I thought it best to let it be – just one of those surreal nuggets of childhood, now forever trapped in a blog.

Anywho, I am making progress on my scarf. It is very cute and the simple crocheting I am doing is pretty easy. And it is going so quickly I can see why knitters think crocheting is cheating.

2. Chick lit. I try to avoid it because, well, I have two degrees and cut my teath reading Austen and Dickens and Burnett. And I am a humongous book snob. No more is that true. I am reading Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella and I love it and am totally addicted to it. The story is so funny and interesting and the characters so compelling that I have to give in and admit I love chick lit. And I am going to read all of her stuff. So bite me, Rory

3. Transversus Abdominis. We did exercises in Mandy’s class last night to find and work on this lower abdominal muscle. The exercises were simple, but killer. This morning I woke up and marveled on how I could feel that muscle and that it was acting to hold in my stomach even when I wasn’t thinking about holding in my stomach. Very cool.

4. Horror list. I hate meetings. I don’t know why, but I do. As DH can tell you, I dread certain meetings several days before they happen. And my job is filled with more and more and more of them. I have three to four meetings almost every dern day. Some are ok, but some are just looming horrors. So, this week I wrote on a post-it note all the bad meetings I have to go to this week. I call it my Horror List. This week I have eight horrors. And when I finish one, I cross it off. It has helped me put it in perspective – and now instead of thinking “I have a horrible meeting everyday, with the worst one on Thursday” I can think “Five horrible meetings down, only three to go.” Much better. And the horrors look great all crossed off the list. Managing dread, is what that is, I guess.


2 thoughts on “New!

  1. I remembered you telling me about Remember Me? during lunch so I added it to my library hold list this morning and surprisingly I’m #1 on the list (which NEVER happens with new books, btw. I’m still 347 for a book I added months ago)! Whoop Whoop. Happy Friday!

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