NOTE: This is yet another entry about me setting and trying to hit goals for weight loss… PLEASE DO NOT READ if you will start to think me unbearably stupid and weak that I haven’t figured this out yet. I am choosing to right about my failures and the subsequent dusting myself off, rather than just abandoning the topic altogeter. And I AM unbearably stupid and weak, also known as being human.

I am a compulsive goal-setter. I hear all the advice that you should set small, reasonable goals – and not too many. I really do hear that advice. And then I go ahead and set crazy unreachable goals. And then I make a spreadsheet. Goals give me structure and focus – always have and always will.

As I near 35, there definitely are some things I need to get “done”. I should be 50% done with my 40 before 40 list (I won’t even be 25% done!). In short, I need to get busy, get some stuff done.

But the big one is weight loss. My weight loss is suh-frickin-low. The scale is going in the right direction, just unbearably slowly. And I know why – I am not claiming that I am following my goals and not seeing progress. I know better than that. I almost always hit my exercise goals – it is the eating, or rather not eating, that I suck at.

I pride myself on changing tactics when I need to. If something isn’t working, I abandon it. I have yet to find the thing that works for me. (Believe me, this blog will hear about it when I do.) I know, know, know, know it is simple, internet – Eat Less. A child could tell you that – and more than one has told me that. I just find it so hard to not eat sometimes. Why is that? Well, IF I KNEW THAT…

But previously I would just give up for awhile if I failed. But paying for and attending my group training classes with Mandy has changed something in my mind. I don’t give up for long stretches of time. I go there and work my nonexistent butt and overexistent arms off and darned if I am going to just go crazy for several weeks and lose all of that progress.
And I seriously can’t wait to see the muscles under this flab. They have got to be slammin, trust me. You are going to need shades, friends, you are going to need shades.

So, new tactic. I am trying to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch, and even dinner most days. Lack of choice seems to work for me. And I have set seven goals for the next seven weeks (can be seen in the left panel of this blog) – most are related to weight loss and exercise, some are baby steps to other 40 before 40 goals, and I believe all pass the reasonable test (truly!). To help me with the goals I have a hard time living up to, I have created a reward/motivation system. At the end of the seven weeks, DH and I are going to take a trip and there are seven things on that trip that will be true if I stick to my goals. And I read these seven things whenever I feel the need to cheat – like tonight when I should walk three miles and I really just want to collapse on the couch because work has sucked.

1. I am going to wear the size smaller Old Navy jacket with the lace and rooching that is so super cute. And it is going to zip up without a problem and will look really cute with my crocheted fall scarf. SQUEEEE!

2. I am going to wake up early in the morning and run one mile easily in our beautiful vacation surroundings, and still have energy to walk two more.

3. I am not going to feel the need to overeat at any of our meals out, resulting in that overstuffed, lethargic feeling which makes vacation not fun.

4. I am going to have the energy to go up any big set of stairs or big hill without getting winded.

5. I will have to buy a new pair of khakis because my current pair will be too big.

6. I am going to want to have my picture taken because I will be proud of the weight loss I have accomplished.

7. I will weigh the same weight I did when I got back from Romania in 2006.


One thought on “7!

  1. Yay for you–not going in reverse, sticking with it even when the progress seems slow! Sometimes it’s hard for me to realize how much progress there is in simply not gaining. And I love your trip/reward system. There’s some great motivation there!

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