Funny! Not Funny!

Here is some funny stuff:

1. Freakin’ Dooce, man. I don’t know which of her recent posts to point you too, because they are all so freakin’ funny. I think the one on making paper chains with her daughter is probably the best: But while you are at her blog, check out the post on taking her mini aussie to herding school. I LoVED this post (and all her posts about her aussie), because they remind me so much of my own beautifully neurotic furball.

2. This post from the blog of a friend of a friend of a friend: This really captures the experience of telling some one you are a veg*an. Especially the door one/door two thing. So funny. If you are a vegan, replace “meat” with “cheese” in the diatribe and you will recognize it!

3. My SD has learned to knit. It has taken many stops and starts, but she is totally rocking the needles now and has made a very cute and very long yellow scarf. I am so proud of her – and she is so proud of herself – I have never seen a smile so big on her as when she shows off her accomplishment. But along with knitting, I have also passed on that housework should be avoided in favor of knitting. When I am ensconsed in knitting or another craft project, I will put off anything, including peeing, to finish just one more row. The other night I asked SD to set the table. She LOVES to help with chores and usually bounces over and does a thorough and quick job. Last time I asked her, she was knitting. She mumbled “OK” and then continued to knit her row. I let her finish her row, I am not a monster. Then she put it down, took some forks out of the drawer and set them in a pile on the table and then went promptly back to knitting. Isn’t that adorable??? I ahemed and she realized the job was not done, and finished. But I know throughout dinner she was just thinking about getting back to those needles.

Here is some not funny stuff:

1. I went for a 7-mile walk on Sunday evening as preparation for my 1/2-marathon walk in a few weeks. I was rushing to get started because I wanted to get it done before the work week, but didn’t get around to getting going until 5 PM Sunday night. I pulled some socks out of the drawer and one had a hole at the bottom and I thought “oh, well, no one will be seeing the bottom of my feet.” You veteran long-distance people are now LAUGHING and CRINGING at my stupidity. But, remember, this is not funny. So, seven miles later I have a huge blister the exact same size as the whole in the bottom of my sock. Yea, stoopid stoopid stoopid.

2. DH bought some candy for a mutual friend of ours at the Brits store in Lawrence on Sunday. I was told to deliver it to him on Monday. I ate it in the car. Not only making me an out-of-control stress eater, but a little bit of a bad person also. At least I didn’t lie about it, right? Suuuuuuree.

3. The Angel episode where Fred gets taken over by the god. So sad. And the last book she wants read to her by the adorably hunky Wesley is A Little Princess. I totally cried. At an Angel episode. Did I promise I wouldn’t talk about defunct WB shows on this blog anymore? Well, that was totally a LIE, suckers!


One thought on “Funny! Not Funny!

  1. My feet ache for you! I’ve been using the Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister things and they work. And when you are ready for that next high-mileage walk, holler at me! Even though I’ll be 1,800 miles away, I share in your crazy goal!

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