Last night was a celebration dinner for my 10-year anniversary for where I work. I really wasn’t looking forward to it, but figured it would be the sort of thing I would regret not going to. So I made plans to meet an old friend there who also was celebrating her 10-year anniversary, put on my heels and a smile and went.

And I had a complete blast. There were several people there who I worked with a few years ago who I never get to see now. And we ate the free food (there actually were lots of delicious veggie options), and laughed about old times and had a bit to drink. It was so, well, fun and great and wonderful. And I have been so caught up in work and budgeting and focusing on my stress the past several months, that I have forgotten the importance of letting loose, having fun, laughing my butt off. And I felt connected to where I work, which was a good and rare feeling, I felt like these last ten years have (and continue to) taken a lot from me, but they also have given me so much because of all the great people I have worked with and met.

It is so hard to explain, and probably seems absurd to those of you who regularly make socializing with friends a priority, but it really is so important. I used to go out with friends 2 or more nights a week – now I am lucky if I go once every two months. With kids half the time, trying to get in plenty of exercise time, and a long commute and long hours at work, I have let other important stuff drop off.

But after last night I feel happier, more energized, and seeing the point more to this everyday living thing. That is a lot all from one night out – for sure.

Every day I get older I believe the point of life is human connection – at work, at home – it is the thing that sustains me.

As typical, I only have a few minutes for this missive, so I had an idea for a really great list, but don’t have time… so, instead today, a list of blog entries I wanted to do, but haven’t had time for:

1. My 10 favorite outfits of my life.
2. Why I love Meryl streep.
3. Why Mary Wollstencraft is da bomb.
4. My funniest stories.
5. Famous people I have seen in real life.
6. My scariest dreams and how my vivid dreams have affected a handful of my relationships because they were so real that sometimes I thought they were real. (I am kind of f’ed up.)
7. The crazy things my cubemate says when she is talking to the health insurance people to get reimbursement for her son’s doctor visits.
8. Why I should make pancakes for a profession.
9. The ten funniest people I know personally – that one wouldn’t take much time – but is politically charged, so I am leery.
10. A male engineer from the midwest guide to dressing for success. or “Yes, you still can buy clothes that look like THAT in 2008”
11. Why my new boss is so great.
12. My best nights out ever. (related to this post)
13. How to bring sexy back.

Ok, but why is Ripoff!! the title of this post?? Oh, I will tell you why – I will sooooo tell you why, Internet. Five years ago I got a new ID taken for my badge at work – at the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I HATE that picture… especially since after that I dropped a bunch of weight – and even after gaining some of it back, I still weight 30 pounds less than I did when that picture was taken. Am I completely happy with my current state? No. Have I been looking forward every damn day I have to look at that badge of reaching ten years and getting a new badge. Uh, well, YES!! So, last night they gave us some chocolate, a gift, and our new 10-year badges with OUR OLD PICTURES. Did you hear me? OUR OLD PICTURES!!! To borrow a phrase from my friend Chris, RIPOFF!! I am seething. Do I need to switch companies to get a new badge picture? Trust me, it has crossed my mind.


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