My friend and maid of honor Heather just got engaged!!!!!!! Yay! Here is a list of why her fiancee is one of the smartest men in the world for asking her to marry him. (list 82)

1. There is no drama with Heather. She doesn’t play games – ever.
2. Heather is a freakin’ doctor!
3. Heather has the kindest heart – she always is on your side – and wants what is best for her friends and family always.
4. I think she has complained like, six times in her life – total.
5. Heather takes care of business. She doesn’t talk, she gets it done.
6. Heather is neat and organized. (I know, I roomed with her.)
7. Heather loves to learn new things.
8. Heather is an amazing listener. She doesn’t judge or preach, just listens and supports.
9. Heather is whatever the opposite of materialistic and shallow is.
10. Heather overcomes anything life throws at her. And it has thrown some junk at her – she perseveres and remains happy.

Yay, Heather! I am so happy for you.

And my only piece of advice for Heather’s future husband. Don’t spill water in the bed – she gets MAD. 😉

One thought on “ENGAGED!

  1. Hi. I am Heather’s fiancé Chris. I’m sure you tried to keep your Top 10 list to just that, but you forgot a few things I admire and love about her:1) Heather has a huge heart and wears it on her sleeve. It just shows how big her heart truly is.2) Heather embraces where she came from, a small little town in northern Illinois, and that is still a huge part of who she is today.3) Heather may be a doctor, but she is much smarter than that! Much smarter than one of the “smartest men in the world.”4) Heather has the best sense of humor and will laugh at any of the silly things I have to say.5) Heather will never compromise in what she believes in. If you piss her off, watch out (hello Macy’s!).6) Heather is genuine, and that’s really rare to find in anyone these days (well that reiterates point #9 on your list).7) Heather is so competitive, and I love that fiery spirit about her.8) Heather loves children as if they are her own. The way she treats my nephews is just precious.9) They say that the mark of a person is the company that you keep. Well, by reading this blog I can say that Heather is very rich for having friends like you, Ginger!10) Lastly, the love that I feel from Heather everyday is the best gift I could have ever asked for! I am looking forward to a long life with her!So I just created my own list. There are many more qualities I love about her. I just hope that I have the opportunity to meet you and your husband before the wedding. Thanks for the blog—it really made my day!

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