Two Minutes!

Dear Gretchen,

You don’t know the effect you have on me. I am fairly sure if you met me and saw my house, you would be full of disdain, and wonder how a life full of chaos and mood swings could ever foster happiness. And I feel like I have disappointed you. But the tips are the evil frosting on the evil cake – all these tips that get stuck in my brain. Tips and tips and tips. It is just too much for a tipaholic like myself.

I try to stay away, you go your way, I’ll go mine. And then I hear the tips calling for me. Hey, Ginger, lousy day? Try writing down what is stressing you out! Hey, Ginger, feeling sluggish? Listen to some lively music – it will perk you right up. Hey, Ginger, have to calm some squirrely kids? Try playing the Name Game. HEY, GINGER, messy desk? Group little stuff into Ziploc bags!
How can one woman know SO MUCH? You have an answer for everything. You are infuriating! And, yet, I am drawn to you – sooooo drawn to you. STOP IT. I, mean really stop it. – Gretchen, oh Gretchen. You write these tips and then don’t know the affect they have on me.
But, then, sometimes, you give me a tip that actually makes my life better, easier, happier instead of tormenting me with all of the stuff you know that I don’t know. Me and my slimy snail trail slowly drag ourselves to a lighter, more graceful life.
I don’t know which of the many addictive, evil, preternatural tip lists of yours that I got this from – but you told us to immediately do any task that takes less than two minutes. Well, now, that makes perfect sense. ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!

I get into this cycle at home: ignore doing a bunch of little things then have to have a big effort to catch up on all the little things that need to be done. Here is a classic example from my life – DON’T JUDGE ME GRETCHEN – I fix a meal and leave all of the cabinet doors open. No, I don’t know why, it is too silly, yet, when I have the goal of fixing myself a potato after working out, I can’t be bothered to close the cabinet doors. And then before I go to bed or DH comes home from dropping off the twins, I have to drag myself away from whatever I am working on and go close the cabinet doors. So, I started with that, closing cabinet doors definitely is something that takes less than two minutes that I should stop procrastinating doing.
Here is my list of two-minute or less tasks that I have started to do that have saved me time and have made me happier. Damnit, Gretchen.
1. Closing cabinet doors.

2. Unpacking my gym bag and repacking it for next time I go to the gym. I do not miss searching for the earrings or shoes that I left in there or trying to pack for the gym when I am late for work.

3. Matching up earrings and putting them in the right cubby in my jewelry drawer. Previously I threw everything in there willy nilly and had to reorganize the drawer once a month.

4. Closing my dresser drawers.

5. Getting both of the socks into the hamper.

6. Putting away my stickers and stamps and scissors when I am done making a card in the Craft Empire(tm).

7. Carrying things inside from the car.

8. Running backup on my computer.

9. Putting the imitation bacon bits away.

10. Putting the recycling in the recycling bin.

11. Deleting an e-mail as soon as I realize I don’t need it anymore.

12. Carrying my purse and shoes upstairs after work.

13. Sorting through the mail.
So, thanks, Gretchen. Thanks.

Yours, Ginger

One thought on “Two Minutes!

  1. hey Ginger,It’s me, Gretchen! I loved your note! If you can consistently get yourself to unpack and repack your gym bag each time you get home, you are a better woman than I. I love your blog!

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