I had an eye doctor appointment today.  It went really well, which is good news.  With my extreme nearsightedness there is a risk that I have some issues with my retina.  But I went to a new eye doctor, Dr. Grimes at Littlefield Eye Associates at 74th and Wornall, and he was great.  And the really good news is that I got a new prescription and I am very, very, very pleased with how well I can see.  I have the contacts now, glasses are on their way.

DH and I took my improved eyesight to the park for some catch.  One of my dreams in life is to play recreational softball.  Sure, that seems like a simple dream, but a pretty big leap for me based on my athletic history and real lack of coordination.  If I could rewind time I would have learned to play softball or ran cross-country in high school.  Starting long-distance running early in life seems like it would set one up for a lot of health and happiness.  And softball always looked like so much fun – and I have always loved baseball.  I was bad at all girl team sports, but softball is the only one that I wished I could have done.  Even if I could play volleyball or soccer, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t want to. 
The nice thing about softball is that I still could play, if I learned how to catch and throw and hit.  I went with my friend Missy to yoga last night and she showed me her really cool softball bruises and scrapes – she is a former star athlete and still has mad softball skills.  Oh, man, I want some softball bruises!
I have asked several men in my life to teach me to catch and throw, never with good results.  DH is the only one is who is kind and encouraging and laid back enough to actually make me not want to give up and go inside and read.  And he makes catch really fun.
Why I like to play catch (list 77) 
1. When I am not that good, we joke about practicing for playing for the Royals which always makes me laugh and feel not so disappointed in my lack of eye-hand coordination.  That is mean to drag the Royals into it, but funny.  After seeing the T-Bones embarrass themselves last week, DH has added some schtick where he pretends he can’t throw the ball and it makes me laugh my butt off.
2. I like that catch doesn’t have a point or an end stop, there is no time limit and no winning or losing. Unlike other exercise I do there is no mileage count, reps to complete, or a time goal.  Catch just is.  And for that reason it doesn’t feel like exercise.
3.  Catch is very zen and rhythmic.  It is one of the only things that can bring my always noisy and worrying brain into the moment.  Cause if it isn’t in the moment, I will get hit by the ball.
4. I feel so cool when that ball actually hits the glove.
5. When I throw, I feel some of those new muscles in my arms that Mandy has given me.  And now I can throw really, really far.
I think there is a market out there for adult sports leagues for adults who never played sports when they were kids.  Not competitive or judge-y, just fun.  I would totally start something like that if I had time or energy, but my arm is sore from catch, I am going to take a nap.

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