Churchill! (2)

I have finished Judgment of Paris and loved it. There are a lot of blog entries that I would like to write about it, including the ten most interesting things I learned about the Impressionists, but I also really want to write one about how the Kevin Bacon game could be played with Winston Churchill. This idea came to me at the end of the book when the author linked Napolean III to Winston Churchill.

So, because of limited time and budget, two quick rounds of Six Degrees of Winston Churchill:

Mary Cassatt, American impressionist painter:

Mary Cassatt was friends with Claude Monet (introduced by Edgar Degas) > Claude Monet was painted by Edouard Manet in 1880 when Manet spent the summer at Monet’s home in Argenteuil > The Salon Des Refuses of 1863 was called for by a group of artists led by Manet when many artists were upset that they were unfairly excluded from the official Paris salon > The Salon des Refuses was allowed by Napolean III to distract from political unrest during his empire > Napolean III went on a boating trip with a party that included the American beauty and socialite Jenny Jerome after he was deposed and moved to England > Jenny Jerome gave birth to Winston Churchill

That link could have been made more quickly, I am sure, but it was fun for me to go through that.

Here is another one…

Kevin Bacon, American actor

Kevin Bacon starred in Sleepers with Brad Pitt > Brad Pitt starred in Fight Club with Helena Bonham Carter > Helena Bonham Carter starred in Wings of The Dove, an adaptation of the novel by Henry James > Henry James had dinner with Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 in the White House > Theodore Roosevelt was the fifth cousin of Franklin Roosevelt > Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were the leaders of the alliance that defeated fascism in WWII.

Leave a comment if you want to challenge me in the Six Degrees of Winston Churchill game.


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