Here are some things and people that I love that I have encountered lately.

(list 74) Stuff I Love Today

1. My new purse. DH got a gift certificate to (worse name EVER for a website) for some surveys he took and I was able to pick up a big green purse that I love. It is big, green, patent leather, fits my calendar and my lunch bag and gives me hope that fall is on its way.

2. Kansas City Magazine for giving my parents’ store, H.M.S. Beagle, the Cool award as one of the top 10 businesses in Kansas City and giving all of us a free dinner to celebrate the accomplishment. Look for KCM on newsstands soon with a picture of the ‘rents and the store in it.

3. The Nelson-Atkins museum. I am finally finishing up The Judgment of Paris and wanted to see if they had any works by the artists I had read about – and it seems they have a decent sampling, which I should have predicted. I rarely am disappointed by the Nelson. It is a solid little museum for being in a Midwestern town. They even have a pastel drawing by Berthe Morisot who was infatuated with Manet, married his brother, and taught some painting techniques to Manet. I have become fascinated by her and can’t wait to see her drawing.

4. Ganoderma. I won’t say much – I tried some coffee with this mushroom extract after eavesdropping on some people in my strength training class talk about it. I will let you read up on it because I am not any sort of expert who should be giving nutrition or supplement advice, but I have more energy and am able to maintain better eating habits since I started drinking it. So I LOVE it.

5. My sassy coworker. This week has been hard at work. I have been stuck doing other people’s work because I am too passive and want stuff to get done on time and correctly. And some people just don’t do their work. And my sassy coworker who is not too passive said this to one of they guys who had dumped all over me “Don’t be such a dumb*** and get the stuff done instead of making OTHER PEOPLE DO IT!” Totally inappropriate for the workplace, but it made me smile despite myself.

6. My new boss. She is smart, honest, and savvy. And I really think she is going to make things better for me here. So, yay!

One thought on “Love!

  1. I love your green bag! I recently recycled an old purse by turning it in my new lunch bag. Everytime I take it out of the fridge at least one person says, “Why do you keep your purse in the fridge?”

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