In less than a week, DH and I have accomplished a whole lot in the upstairs of our house. Three unorganized bedrooms, one with fire damage were transformed into peaceful rooms to sleep and play. We had some big things to accomplish:

1. Split the twins room from one to two and make them adorable.
2. Paint our bedroom ceiling, move the contents out, install floor (we had professional help), move and organize contents back in.
3. Clean out my horrifically disorganized closet.

Dozens of hours of work, many trips to 1/2 price books and goodwill, and more than a handful of moments of sheer exhaustion coupled with desires to just give up…. and here are the results.

(list 73) Our new and improved bedrooms

1. Bedroom number one – new floors, and the Craft Empire(tm) restored:
a. I went through ALL of my books and got rid of lots and lots and lots. It felt so good to purge. The remaining (about a 1/3 of the books I previously had) are my favorites and now are organized in our bedroom. (DH has two rooms for his books – no, I am not kidding).

b. And the Craft Empire, as DH lovingly named it, has been restored to its former greatness + some. A new layout and sorting through my many things has made for a GREAT space to do what I love to do. It is my favorite place on earth, or in the house anyway.

c. I consolidated all of my ginger jars (yes, I collect them because my name is Ginger – I also have a collection of “Gin” bottle necklaces) and put them on DH’s dresser. I love having them all in one place:
2. Next up is a little girl’s garden room – replete with flowers and butterflies:

3. Finally, a young explorer’s bedroom – that even has a tent – which is by far the coolest thing I have ever found at Target. I wish they made them for grown-ups.

These are not extraordinary rooms – and I am sure any of the talented folks at HGTV could criticize them and then transform them into showpieces. But I love them. They represent a return to orderliness in our home, are the result of some honest toil, and contain the things and people and pets I love. What more can you ask of a home?

Of course, I am not getting too haughty on my horse, because like Monica’s closet and Lorelai’s garage, we still have one Sanford and Son’s room – where we put everything as we were organizing the upstairs rooms – THE DOWNSTAIRS LIBRARY (cue screams of horror and frightful organ music):

Hopefully next week I will have a post on how it is a reading and relaxing haven…


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