Perfect Day!

A few weeks ago I was at a yoga class and the instructor announced that it was the birthday of one of the women in the class. She stated that she was so happy to be at yoga class, and since it was her birthday, she was only doing things she wanted to do.

I loved that. And I wished it was my birthday. And then I started thinking about what my perfect day would look like.

I love weekends unreasonably, but of late they seem to be too jam-packed. It is a high-class problem I know, but there are so many things to do, most of them I really want to do, but there isn’t time to enjoy any of it. When I think about most of my weekends I think of all the running of A to B to C, and focus on the lack of time I will have to actually relax before Monday, instead of all the great things I will be doing. I know… waaa waaa waa…

So, my perfect day would be pretty loose, pretty open. To do everything I really love, I would need to take a whole week, maybe a whole month and a few continents… but if I got just one day, here is what it would look like…

Time of year: Early Spring or Mid Fall, when the temperature is about 60-65 degrees. There are new or lingering flowers, but it is cool enough that I can wear a short-sleeved t-shirt over a long-sleeved t-shirt and khakis and my converse low-tops, because that is my favorite outfit. The sky is partly-cloudy, with no chance of rain.

I have tried to make this as realistic as possible, but have taken some liberties, like the coffee shop in walking distance.

5:12 AM – DH and I wake up and go for a long walk. On the way back from our long walk, we pick up a New York Times and soy milk tea lattes at the local coffee shop (the one where we don’t have to cross 152 to get to it.)

6:30 AM – Shower and put on my favorite outfit while DH makes a batch of scones for breakfast.

7:00 AM – DH and I drink our coffees, munch our scones (with marmalade I have made from Vegan yum-yum) and read the paper while sweet Annie cuddles with me on the couch and Diana Krall and Billy Bragg are playing in the background.

9:00 AM – DH and I head to the library to pick up our on-hold books. While he works on getting his 97 books he has on-hold into his book bags, I browse the new knitting books and find a new one that has cute, easy patterns that I want to try.

9:30 AM – I go to the yarn store that has the exact yarn I need for the project I want to do in the book from the library.

10:00 AM – I watch The Hours on DVD and work on the knitting project.

Noon – I pack a picnic lunch (fruit, those tortilla wrap samich things, bubbly water with orange and limes, vegan almond cookies) for DH and I in the adorable picnic basket.

1 PM – DH and I wander around the rose garden in Loose Park and then eat our picnic lunch.

2 PM – DH and I go to Kauffman gardens.

3 PM – Home for a combination of nap/read/nap/read/nap.

7 PM – Get dressed for night out. I finally have been able to find the perfect black slacks and button-down and high-heels for a sleek but still feminine look for a night out. And I have comfortable high-heel shoes to go with it.

8 PM – DH and I go for a quick meal and cocktails for me (this being my perfect day, DH has agreed to be designated driver – wait, no, check that, we have hired a cab). DH and I go for a light dinner and cocktails where we can sit outside and watch people walk by. I eat pita, hummus, and a salad with wonderful balsamic vinaigrette.

10 PM – We meet lots of friends at Bar Natasha. (All of my friends from out of town JUST HAPPEN to be in town this day.) We watch the show, which is fabulous, and get a wee bit tipsy and stay up waaayyyy to late.

2:00 AM – Cab drops us off at home and DH and I comment to each other that we can’t remember the last time we got home this late. But it doesn’t matter because we can sleep in as late as we want tomorrow.

Yes, that would be a perfect day!

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