On Gretchen’s reccomendation, I have made my happiness commandments:

(list 63) My Commandments

  1. Shut up!
  2. Enjoy the process.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes.
  4. One thing at a time.
  5. Let it go.
  6. Put it in the bank.
  7. Say hello to every animal I meet. (Except for raccoons.)
  8. Start with compliments.
  9. Smile.
  10. Kindness is above all else.
  11. Create even if it fails.
  12. Be vegan.
  13. Find quiet.

Some explanations:

Number 1 – Shut Up! – I talk to much. I babble and babble and babble trying to impress others, make them laugh. And I miss out on what others have to say. I think this prevents me from making connections with people and causes me to miss out on all the amazing things everybody else has to say. The people I admire most are really good listeners. They wait for other people to finish their sentences – whereas I am constantly apologizing for talking over people. I am afraid people won’t like me unless I performm for them. Ugh. That is a tough one to admit.

Number 3 – Wear Comfortable Shoes. – I take things to far. If I am making cookies for a potluck, I will say to myself, “I should extract my own vanilla – that will make them taste good.” Or I wear uncomfortable shoes because they are the only ones that perfectly match my outfit. In essence, I render something enjoyable unenjoyable by piling on extra hoops that take up too much time or hurt my feet. I want to always choose the comfortable shoes, sure, it may ruin the outfit, but truly, who cares?

Number 6 – Put it in the bank. – I spend everything – tell all my stories, eat all my calories, spend all my allowance as soon as I get it – which makes happiness hard to sustain. I want to save back things so I can enjoy them longer, sustaining happiness.

Number 7 – Say hello to every animal I meet. – This one is self-explanatory, but is my favorite because it is something I think I am leaving my stepkids – a piece of myself. They both love animals and we all three stop to say hello to every dog, cat, or otherwise we meet. Nothing makes me happier, to DH’s chagrin. Now for raccoons, I will tell of my storied past with them in a future post – but I am not saying hello – they ick me out.

Number 13 – Find Quiet. – The experiment of not watching television has reminded me of the importance of creating memorable or peaceful moments every day – working on a puzzle, applying glitter to a card for a friend, having a drink on the porch, reading a book – and finding this quiet makes me happier – gives me a break from my chaotic life.


One thought on “Commandments!

  1. I’ve thought a lot about this post. I admire your brutal honesty. Looking into ourselves and then being honest (and writing about it for others to read!) takes courage. Standing naked in front of a mirror is never easy and you’ve done it with such grace. What an inspiration!

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