I have a goal of one aerobics class per week. Ideally I would meet that goal with a Zumba class on Saturday, but this week I am attending the Relay for Life all Friday night, so not likely I will make it to 9AM Zumba…. soooo, I used my Maple Woods fitness center aerobics pass to attend a Step Aerobics class. Oh. Boy. I learned some things.

(list 61) What I Learned in Step Aerobics Class

1. The height of the step *does* matter. To quote Bob, “baby step, baby step”.
2. I can survive completely physically humiliating myself in front of a group of aerobicizers who know the steps when I am struggling to not fall on my bottom.
3. Even if I can’t do the steps correctly, I have the stamina to survive an hour of stepping. That would have been unimaginable a year ago. Surviving fifteen minutes would have been unimaginable a year ago.
4. Once you get over the novelty of having a middle-aged, slightly-pudgy male aerobics instructor, it can be great.
5. After humiliating oneself in front of some very trim aerobicized ladies, it can be gratifying to do the strength training cool down with weights heavier than the rest of them.
6. You know you are doing something wrong when you have made eye contact with the rest of the class who turned “back” when you turned “front”. (Although, to be honest, I learned this one from Zumba too.)
7. Meeting my goals is more important than being cool.
8. I should never, ever, ever complain about the music at Zumba again – it could be a lot worse, as in C+C Music Factory worse.

I am not sure I will brave step class again until I have learned a little at home. But it was a good experience, and I am proud of myself for going.


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