I have so many things I want to write about in this blog, buzzing through my head, but oh-so-limited time. So, here is a quick one, with hopefully more to come.

This past weekend, my big project at work was released. I am very, very relieved. Work is still a ball of fury, but I can take bathroom breaks and go home in the evenings and weekends – so things feel a bit more normal. Last night I went to Restoration Yoga at Kansas Siddhi yoga (thanks to the reccomendation of Mandy and Johnna). And during the FANTASTIC relaxation exercises – while I was trying to keep my mind quiet – I realized that this weekend had been full of restoring activities.

(list 59) What Has Been Restored

  1. My sense of calm. Well, not really, I don’t think I have ever maintained a “sense of calm” – so it is not like it could be restored. But the two yoga classes I participated in this weekend did much to make me feel more balanced, more in control, and that I can handle what will be thrown at me this week. The Restoration Yoga class is a fair distance and is not cheap, but I think I really may need to participate every week. Getting rid of the panic and stress I accumulate on a weekly basis once a week is probably a really good thing.
  2. My bedroom wall. This one was all DH – he fixed the large hole and paint peeling caused by the fire. And he hung new curtains that I love (and were ½ price). We still have to replace the charred carpet, but getting the bedroom wall back to its original glory is a wonderful thing. My bedroom is my favorite place in the house – so it was affecting me deeply to have it damaged – well, no more.
  3. My relationship with DH. Because of home, kids, and work responsibilities, we have not had a lot of time together. This weekend we fixed that. I took Friday afternoon as a vacation and we went to lunch and the movies, and we played Yahtzee and took a long hike together later that weekend. It did a lot for me – I feel all newly-weddedy again. And I won two games of Yahtzee. WOOT.
  4. A friendship. A friend and I had been out of contact for a couple of years, and have tried recently to start hanging out again. DH and I went with him to Bar Natasha this weekend and had a GREAT time. It was great to get out in the world amongst the grown-ups and have some real fun. And it is great to have this friend back in my life – it is like we didn’t miss any time.
  5. Sense of proportion. The aforementioned friend and I went to the Sparks! exhibit at Nelson-Atkins. Some of the art in the exhibit I have seen before, but some was brand new to me and amazing. My friend has been introducing me the work of Louise Bourgeois – and one of her pieces was there. And there was a big paper bag by Alex Hay that was representative of the Pop art movement. As DH pointed out when I gushed about it later, I have a weakness for things on a big or small scale. (I love dioramas, doll houses, and Pop art.) Having a chance to look at the art and be quiet and be reminded that there are so many amazing big and small things in the world to enjoy, if not relish – and that the day-to-day worries and stresses should be a smaller proportion of my thoughts. And that is definitely something I needed to be reminded of! I am going to store the mental image of the giant paper bag in my brain as a reminder of that.


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