One of the reasons I wanted a blog was to have an archive of all the crafty things I have done. But I have not been keeping up with it as much as I should. My vision was a neat little blog entry for each craft, with the source of the pattern, natty pictures, and lessons learned. But by the time I am done with most crafts, I am too tired to take notes. Or I forget to take a picture before it is wrapped. Or I never have the pictures on the computer I am using to blog.

This post is a catch-all of the last few crafts/gifts I have done.

(list 53) Recent Crafty Gifts
1. I am woefully behind on these, but I made measuring cup pincushions for the birthdays of the girls in knitting. (now only two behind, but next week I will be three behind.) I got the idea from Somerset Studio magazine, which is full of beautiful things that are outside of my skill level, but provide a lot of inspiration. This one was inspired by “A Cup of Sugar” by an artist who makes things to show off her adorable handmade birds.
I packaged them with almond extract, a cookie cutter, and a recipe for almond cookies. I used my own measuring cup for the first one, but then decided I would miss my measuring cups, so looked at goodwill. They didn’t have any measuring cups (boo hoo), so I bought new from Target. J’taime Target.
2. My friend Mic was about to have a really bad month, with trying to take classes for her Master’s degree, do two jobs at work, and accompany a bunch of teenagers to Minnesota, I put together an 06.08 survival kit with some of her favorite stuff. There wasn’t much craft to this one except the card on the bag, but it was fun to put together. The main themes were liquor and chocolate.
3. For Father’s Day, I made my dad a box that had a list of 34 things he had taught me. I am quite proud of it because I did it the evening after the fire in the house. The box is a matchstick box because the first thing on the list was “How to start a fire with or without matches.” because my dad can make this chemical concoction that will start to burn when you spit on it – which always delighted my friends. I had come up with the list prior to the fire, but the irony isn’t lost on me. I also made a similar box for my mom on Mother’s Day, but I forgot to take pictures of it.

4. Also inspired by Somerset Studio magazine, is the baker’s dozen box of t-shirts and onesies for my friend Missy’s daughter Sophie’s first birthday. I LOVED this idea of a pastry box full of t-shirts as a gift. In the magazine the artist had done quotes and original digital art laser silkscreened on t-shirts. Yeah, right. Mine is simpler – iron-ons, simple appliqués, and ink-jet iron-on transfer embellishments. And I think Sophie liked them very much.

5. Finally, more booties. I have blogged about the booties I have made before, and I can’t stop. They are from a pattern in my knitting calendar for this year, and they are easy, fun, and cute. And they have recently been featured in another blog on someone very, very adorable.

The booties pictured above were created for a friend from book club’s pending grandson. My aunt Betty (also in book club) is putting together a grandmother care package that includes gifts for the new baby and grandmother stuff, like butterscotches for her purse. Isn’t that a cute idea?


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