So, here is something weird… I am in a good mood today – an honest-to-goodness good mood – with a smile on my face and a skip in my step. It just hit me this morning. I have been in a bad mood or trying to force a good mood since getting back from camping three weeks ago, so to be in a good mood feels like a revelation.

(list 50) Why I am in a Good Mood

1. The month of evil at work is drawing to a close. I actually got some time yesterday to get some stuff done, rather than just attending meetings where I am yelled at and given more work. And I have two whole workdays stretching ahead of me where there will be time to get stuff done so I will not have to sacrifice my whole weekend to work.

2. I got complimented on the project I have been working on I thrive on compliments, and it felt beyond great to be recognized for the work – “This is great. It looks like so much detail. I can’t believe how quickly you have gotten it done.” YAY!!.

3. I am getting a new monitor for my desk/craft area at home. DH is picking it up today. I am very excited.

4. I finished a birthday present last night for a darling girl who is about to turn one year old. It is really cute – much better than I expected it to turn out – and I can’t wait to give it to the wee recipient and her mom. I will post pictures once it is delivered.

5. I still am losing weight. For whatever reason I am now able to stick to the calorie counting. It has only been nine days, but that is the longest stretch I have gone in a while, and I don’t feel the need to scream with hunger or frustration. Here is to that sticking. I lost 3 pounds this week, and I am pretty sure the number will be close to that next week.

6. DH and I went for a GREAT WALK last night. We went to Stocksdale park and walked through the woods and around the field. It was really hot, sweaty, difficult, and invigorating. I loved it. And I love that I crave that feeling of physical exertion and exhaustion when I used to hate it. After the walk we went to Cupini’s and I had a delicious Taste of Italy panini (vegan and scrumptious). It was a perfect evening.

7. I have lost enough weight that the dimple on the left side of my face is visible (just barely) again. Hello, dimple! Let me know if you want to see the dimple… it is really cute.

8. I can’t wait for frickinZumba on Saturday. My adorable Zumba teacher is teaching it at Maple Woods fitness center now, and it is so much fun there. Without disparaging my gym (which is only 1.12 miles from my house, making it the defacto choice), I LOVE the Maple Woods fitness center because

(list 51) Why I Love Maple Woods Fitness Center

a. It is surrounded by windows that look out onto trees and has lots of natural light. (and it isn’t randomly leaking from the ceiling in different places.)
b. Is full of happy people of all ages and sizes and competent staff.
c. It has lots of gleaming, available machines.
d. Plenty of parking

The class was packed and everybody was laughing and joking and clapping and having fun. That definitely is how Zumba is supposed to be. I was the chubbiest in class, but unlike other Zumba class at the other gym, I didn’t feel like any of the others in class were being all judgy about me or my lack of ability – everybody was glad everybody else was there and doing these crazy latin dance steps. I smiled the whole time and was sad when it was over. If you do not have a gym membership, I highly recommend this gym. But even if you do have a gym membership, you can take 10 classes for $35 – including the super duper fun Saturday morning Zumba class – you too can shake your moneymaker to lyrics like “this rigatone is trendalicious” with other willing victims.

9. I am Mandy’s client-of-the-month – which is the coolest. Her post is describing someone way cooler and smarter than me, but I will take it.

I LOVE awards (of course), and if you can stomach a brag list, here is the small and hearty list of awards I have won in my life.

(list 52) Awards I Have Won

1. In 5Th grade, the teacher named me class librarian. I got to sit in the back of the room and keep a log of books that were checked in or out.

2. I was one of five class valedictorian runner-ups. I didn’t get it because I didn’t take enough AP classes. There were kids in my class who got 5.0 GPAs because of the AP classes. Whatever.

3. I was elected Nerd Herd (National Honor) Society president my senior year. I was nominated by the super pretty super athletic Carolyn Smith who beat me out for class secretary in the 6th grade. We never spoke to each other as we lived in different worlds, I am not sure why she nominated me, but as soon as she did, all the kids voted for me. And the job was being bossy and organizing things. I was a natural. 😉

4. I received a $500 scholarship for my senior year science project. I got a graphing calculator with it. I got some other scholarships, but none of them came with a graphing calculator.

5. I got “Top Gun” award at work for the top 5% of associates many years ago. It came with an all-day leadership training with other suck-ups, and a fur-lined leather coat from Alaskan Fur that had “Top Gun” on the label. I am not kidding.

6. I got Millennium Club award at work for the top 1% of associates. I got to go to the Virgin Islands and go sailing and snorkeling and drink lots of rum. It was one of the most surreal, wonderful experiences ever. I got engaged on that trip. It was so great and so weird – and tempered much by having meals with other suck-ups.

7. When I left my last role, they made me a life-long honorary member of the team, including a diploma that was signed by Winston Churchhill.

That is my list – most of my awards are for being a teacher’s pet braniac nerd in one way or another – so being client of the month is cool because it reflects the physical strength I am gaining. Thanks for indulging me!


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