It has been one heck of a weekend. At times, I wish I could click my heels and start this year over. This weekend a short in an electrical outlet caused a curtain in our bedroom to catch fire. Bill put the fire out and we all got out of the house. But it was not fun – and neither is the resulting damage. Anyway, I didn’t post an update last week, so combining the updates for weeks 2 and 3 – and here is to a better week!

Big Goals:
Weight lost: Don’t know yet – will check tomorrow.
Pace on walk to gym: 16 min mile

Fitness Goals – overall grade 66% – D
Miles – 31.61/34 – 93– A
EQ – 3/4 – 75 – C
Zumba – 2/4 – 50 – F
Extra Abs – 3/6 – 50 – F
Water – 21/28 – 75 – C
No Diet Coke – 6/14 – 43 – F
Diet – 11/14 – 79 – C

Other Goals – overall grade 85% – B
No TV – 11/14 – 79 – C
Date w/ DH – 2/2 – 100 – A+
Book – 1/2 – 50 – F
5 things per day at work – 39/35– 111 – A

So, here is where things got off track:

1) Vacation
2) I have been really stressed the last week because of everything I need to get done at work + the minor conflagration. And when I get stressed I 1) Sleep 2) Eat 3) Have a diet coke. I didn’t want to do #2 and I didn’t have time for #1, so I relied on #3 too much.

But this isn’t about excuses, it is about doing better. I started by walking 5.6 miles last night so that I could keep one of the few As I have going, and hope that it would relieve some of my stress. It did do the trick of wearing me out enough that I could go to sleep. I got a solid 9 hours last night. And I will do better. There are lots of curves in this road – but it is still going in the right direction. Everyday I track myself and challenge myself, the road is going in the right direction.

I promise once I get through this month my blog entries will be more fascinating and more regular!


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