Hi! We are back… all in one piece. I am completely buried at work, but wanted to say the trip was great… LOTS of pictures on the way, but here are a list of quick highlights….

(list 45) Highlights From Colorado Springs Trip

1. The camping bit was wonderful. The kids were great sports and didn’t mind sleeping so close to the ground and to nature. Our site was right by a babbling stream. We only had one night of bad weather (the first night), all other days and nights were absolutely perfect. I loved our campsite and loved just sitting or reading or knitting next to the stream.

2. We went to Pike’s Peak, Cave of the Winds, and Garden of the Gods. My favorite things was the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway. The kids’ favorite thing was the cave.

3. I didn’t get in as much walking/hiking as I wanted/needed to. I did count each of the .24 mile trips to the bathroom though. That actually totted up to a decent number because I have to pee regularly (being human and all).

4. When I did do walking, I LOVED my garmin thingie. It let us wander and tracked all of my miles. Very, very cool. I can’t wait to learn more about it and use it more.

5. The stepmoming thing went pretty well – by that I mean I only fell apart twice on the trip. Which for me is an improvement – it is getting easier. A couple years ago I fell apart twice per day, so, progress! Here is when I fell apart:
a. When I began to feel like an ATM – there for the giving of cash and prizes. I am sure all parents feel that way. I remedied it by giving an impassioned speech on saying “Thank You.” I think my point was made, both thanked me sincerely for everything since then, down to the chocolate chip pancakes I deposited on there plates yesterday morning.
b. When I tried to fix breakfast on the camp stove the last morning. I failed miserably. I wanted to do this one “maternal” thing and I jacked it up. DH takes care of 90% of the child-taking-care-of activities, and sometimes I get really mad at myself for not being better. But I am getting better, and it isn’t fair to compare myself to birth moms or my own perfect mom, but just do the best I can and value the progress I have made. Thanks to Mandy for reminding me of that!

6. The drive through Kansas is as boring as you remember. DH and I drove through the night Saturday night to get home – and the blowing wind and lack of, well, anything, made for a long drive.

There will be more later – including pictures. Happy Monday!


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