DH and I are about to go on a camping trip with the twins, which I have blathered about a lot on this blog already. My issue with traveling is all of the preparations. With my love of lists, it would seem to be up my alley – but it isn’t, I get worried about all the things that need to be purchased and packed – plus all the stuff I have to do at work so that I can go on vacation.

So, in preparation for my trip, here is everything I need to do and pack (sans work stuff).

(list 44) Camping stuff to-do

1. Make coffee cakes and brownies –done
2. Buy shorts and t-shirts and shower shoes –done
3. Get sleeping bags -done
4. Pack backpack: camera, shuffle, phone, gps, gps instructions, chargers (phone, camera, gps), water bottle (done), books (done), rain jacket, wallet
5. Pack knitting bag (pictured above) – make copy of knitting pattern, size 8 circular needles –done
6. Pack clothes – shorts, jeans, tshirts, hiking shoes, toiletries, jammies, black shoes, towel, swinsuit
7. Make appt. for Annie –n/a
8. Drop off Annie
9. Pack camping stuff: table, chairs, mess kit, stove, lantern, tent light, sleeping bags, Snorta, plates, silverware, cups*
10. buy and pack food in cooler*
11. snacks for car*
12. kids’ entertainment in car*

13. Car charger –done
14. Paperwork: maps, confirmation e-mails*
15. Precharge all rechargeable devices

Phew! I think that is it.

BTW, Eddie Izzard was funny last night, if not a bit frenetic.


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