Happy Saturday! It is shaping up to be one of those perfect Saturdays – up early, relaxing but enjoyable activities in-between, and topped off with a night out. Here is what I have been up to and am going to be up to.

(list 43) Saturday Activities

1. I got up early and walked to meet for a walk with the Northland Women’s Walk and Run Club. I walked part of the way with them and then veered off home. My original plan was to walk to Zumba, but as I neared the turn, I chickened out. I hadn’t walked that way before and I was afraid I would get there way early. I still got a lot of walking in – 4.1 miles.
2. Once home I ate cereal with DH (who had woken up when I did at 5 am and had stayed up!) and we enjoyed the last coolness of the morning.
3. I did go to Zumba. It was a lot of fun. And for part of it I got that workout high – I get those so rarely, so I made the most of it and jumped and bumped with a lot of gusto. I am looking forward to Tuesday/Thursday Zumba classes starting next week.
4. After all of that I took a nap while DH was useful – he put up the tent to air out for our trip next week, watered our flowers, and mowed the lawn. All I achieved was a crazy hair-do from sleeping while my hair was wet from the shower. Woot.
5. Next we are going to go shopping for camping supplies and food and pick up our CSA share for the week.
6. Tonight we are going to go see Eddie Izzard. He is one of DH’s favorites, and I am looking forward wearing black, curling my hair, fancifying my face and sitting in a theater and being entertained.
Here are some pictures of Saturday flowers from our porch. They actually are there everyday, but I enjoy them on the weekends. On the weekdays I look at them wistfully as I get in my car to go to work.

And here are some pictures of Annie trying to decide what book to read or whether she should go outside and play. Ultimately, she decided to spend her Saturday taking a nap on the cool tile (she doesn’t allow photographs while she is napping).


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