This is a completely self-indulgent post, I apologize in advance, but I must express my love of stripes. It really is the most perfect pattern – classic and modern all rolled into one – and the perfect way to get a lot of different colors into a room. And I love color.

Since DH has tamed me, many of the rooms in my house have gone from over-colorful girly to subdued and marriedish. But not the kitchen – through my feminine wiles (of which there are exactly 2.43), I have been able to keep it a suffusion of color and girl. And it is my favorite room in the house (although my craft table gives it a run for its money). In the kitchen, there are A LOT of stripes. And then yesterday at the boxed evil that is World Market, I found the perfect stripey rug to go into my kitchen.
The stripes in my kitchen don’t match, well, anything, the only thing they have in common are that they are stripey. Here is a rundown of stripes in my kitchen:

(list 39) Stripey things in my kitchen

1. The madness started with this stripey kitchen utensil holder I got from Crate and Barrel 5 years ago. It still makes me smile. It came with a set of snowman dishes – in the same color scheme. Which solved this all important dilemma – how do you decorate a pink and blue and green and yellow and orange kitchen for Christmas?
2. Speaking of the holidays – here are some stripey candy canes with a stripey spoon that I put out for the holidays – but I loved the stripes so much, they stayed there.
3. These are my stripey curtains in the kitchen. They are Martha Stewart for Kmart – purchased before there was an indictment and before Kmarts were becoming Sears.
4. These are some stripey dish towels. I seriously have way too many dish towels. I just can’t stop. Whenever I am at Pryde’s, it takes nerves of steel to not leave with a whole bunch of them. They are the perfect thingies- cheap, colorful, useful – and many of them come in stripes.
5. More dish towels.
6. I think my cookbooks make a nice stripey formation.
7. My old Folger’s can with a stripe tea towel that lines it – it holds my biscuit cutters and apple slicer – oldie fashioned things, basically. I love this Folger’s can because it reminds me of my great-grandfather – the one married to my favoritest person, my great-grandmother. I never met him – but would have loved to. He doted on my great-grandmother like she was a princess. But there is a story of him putting his foot down once that my great aunt told me. My great-grandmother said, “We need to buy cheaper coffee, Folger’s is getting too expensive.” To which my great-grandfather (who apparently loved Folder’s coffee) replied, “No, you just need to drink less of it.” I love that story, and I love my old Folger’s can.
8. My knitted stripey dishrag in the sink.
9. My stripey lunch bag hiding on top of the refrigerator.
10. My new stripey rug – isn’t it fabulous. I do love it so.
Thanks for the indulgence!

2 thoughts on “Stripey!

  1. I love your stripey goodness! I share your weakness for Pryde’s dish towels (my soft spot is for the Anne Taintor ones that say sassy things like “Make Your Own Damn Dinner”)I say, the more stripes, the better! Viva la stripes!

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