This morning I was to walk 5+ miles with a training group. The group previously met at a time which conflicted with my Zumba class, so I have not been able to attend. (Very little keeps me away from Zumba.) I was very excited about the time change – because it meant that I could participate. Less excited when I didn’t fall asleep until midnightish last night, but still planning to hit the pavement.

This morning I woke without problem at 4:45am – to dreams of my trainer running by me while I ate ice cream on the sidewalk. She asked me, in her particular Mandy way, “Ginger! What are you doing?” I wipe strawberry ice cream from my lips with my bare hand, glumly watching it drip onto my shirt, and say “I will be there in just a minute. I found this ice cream and I didn’t want it to go to waste.” And then POP! I was awake. Only to find there to be crashing thunder and driving rain – a storm so bad it is shaking the windows of our old house.
Here are my thoughts about being up early, and what I have been doing with the time.
(list 38) Early Stuff
1. The other denizens of the house are not so thrilled with me being up early. DH squinted through the blazing lights, mildly questioned my sanity, and then sanely went upstairs for more sleep. Annie, my sweet pup, keeps following me around, pleading with her eyes for us to go back upstairs, then sighing and collapsing into sleep until I switch rooms again. Poor Annie.
2. I am making petit pain au chocolat. I seem to never have enough time to do the recipes in my vegan French cookbook that require bread to rise. And suddenly I had three hours before I needed to be anywhere. I am fairly sure the bread will not work out – despite feeling like I am constantly buying yeast, I never seem to have any that isn’t expired. Oh well. Grating the chocolate and kneading the dough were fun (in a zennish way) even if all I get is flat bread. Must ask DH what French is for “flat chocolate bread”.
3. When I was growing up, no matter how early I woke up, it seemed my mother had been up for hours. Showered, sipping coffee, reading the paper or working on the computer. I envied and admired that. I seemed to never be able to do it. And surely she didn’t give my dad and I sleeping potions on the weekend so that she could get a few hours to herself? Naaaaa! I strive to be an early riser, but don’t quite get there. I am somewhere in between an early riser and a sleeper-inner – robbing myself of the benefits of both. I would love to be an early riser. Maybe this is the start.
4. Next I plan to sit on the porch with Annie and watch the rain rain. That is my favorite thing to do in the rain. One of my favorite things to do period.
The only worrying thing is now I need to find time to walk 5 miles today – and with the rain that means the treadmill at the gym. blech.

2 thoughts on “Early!

  1. I, too, was disappointed to miss the Saturday walk. I’m getting 5 miles in early Monday at the Amy Thompson Run. It’s early, just early on a different day. If you’d like to join me, I’ll be in the back of the pack with the slow-ish people. 🙂

  2. I am so bummed I didn’t see this until this morning after sleeping in to the embarrassing hour of 8 am – a 5-mile walk with the slowish people would have been a much better kick off to memorial day.

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