I have been buried in work this week leading to a complete lack of postings. I really have missed blogging to the void, but there has been no time. (Along with no time for anything I like – exercise, crafting, not working.) In lieu of a proper blog entry, I am providing you with my to-do list from work this week. Read it and be glad you are not me.

(list 36) My work to-do list for the week of May 19, 2008

  1. Reqpro list to Scott.
  2. ID report for comparison.
  3. Design review meeting logged
  4. Requirements review meeting logged
  5. Test cases for web site
  6. Check in design
  7. Check in requirements
  8. Reg updates in xml
  9. Test cases for content changes
  10. Prioritization updates in xml
  11. Board updates in xml
  12. Send e-mails to stakeholders
  13. Review meeting tool guideline changes and sent for review
  14. Soc training updated and scheduled
  15. Requirements updated
  16. Design created
  17. Test case for web site changes review meeting
  18. Test case tracing
  19. Test case for content changes review meeting
  20. Design for note about doc control
  21. Xml changes for doc control note

Phew! I am ready for a three-day weekend.


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