DH and I went to see Wilco last night – and it was an excellent show. This is the second time we have seen them in six months – first at Grinders @ Crossroads and this time in Lawrence, essentially in a field at 10th & New Hampshire. Other than the longish drive to Lawrence, it was a night to remember. The band was in a great mood, they played She’s a Jar (my favorite), and I got to see an old friend I haven’t seen in a while.

Whenever I go to a concert, I realize how old I am (not that I was really ever that young). The kids at concerts seem to be getting younger and younger and their clothes crazier and crazier. But the good news about Wilco concerts is that there are people older and nerdier than me there.
Here are some truths I gleaned from the Wilco concert.
(list 33) Truths That Can Be Had at a Wilco Concert
1. The sexiest man in the universe is Jeff Tweedy. He will never get an award, but it is true. He wore a green blazer last night, was adorably pudgy and was flirty with the audience. I was smitten.
2. I am so glad I am not one of those misguided people who thought that Wilco in Lawrence on a school night would not be worth it. (Renee, Chris) I’d be kicking myself right now if we didn’t go.
3. If you are a grown man you should not wear capris and strappy hippy sandals. It isn’t as cool as you think.
4. The most wonderful creatures in the world are peppy 50ish-year old women who dance at concerts with their whole hearts and souls.
5. No matter how cute your boyfriend is, you should not schlep beers for him and his friends all night. Find a less cute, more giving boyfriend STAT.
6. One should not play “Who Would You Date?” with one’s husband unless one is willing to live with the answers.
7. The best seat in the house is in the back with the old people.
8. Don’t spend $80 on concert tickets + fees to go see the greatest living band and chat all night with your yuppie friends.
9. There is no better feeling than swaying to really good live music with your husband’s arms around you.
10. Don’t wear high heels to an outdoor concert. You don’t look cute, you look not-so-bright. And then if you do wear high heels to an outdoor concert, do not complain about how your feet hurt. I mean, seriously.
11. Wilco’s drummer Glen Kotche is the greatest drummer in the world.
That is all from the Wilco trenches – I love you Jeff Tweedy!! Call me!
If you would like to see my husband’s take on the night, click here.

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