I made little gifts for two friends who are having babies, gender unknown… here are some pictures:

(list 23) Pictures and stories of booties

1. I made a little boatneck sweater and booties for my friend Maki who is having a wee baby Moosh soon. If she ends up having a girl, I will switch the brown ribbons for pink ribbons:

2. I made little orange booties for my friend Amy P.’s pending bundle of joy – in orange, one of her favorite colors.

3. And then here is a funny story about booties. Or bootys? I have never had a bottom. Not ever, until recently, when working out has given me the slightest hint of one. It is very exciting. And I was thrilled when DH noticed when I was leaving for work one morning. When I was heating up my lunch in the break room that day, I was thinking about that and reached behind to asses the, uh, damage. Well, that was dumb. A person walked by the window to the break room, saw me, registered horror, and hurried past. And then a hole opened up and I was swallowed by the earth. Ok, the last part didn’t happen, but I really wanted it to.

One thought on “Booties!

  1. Ginger, I LOOOOVE these booties and can’t wait to slip them on our little Nugget’s toes! Still working on my thank-you cards (I’m a loser) but want you to know how much I love and appreciate them (and YOU!)

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