Last Saturday, DH, the twins, and I hosted a tea party at our house. After getting over the initial pressure of all the preparations, we had a great time fixing the fancy food and setting the table. (And I got to use all of our teapots!)

And here is a list of what we served:

(list 20) What We Served at Our Tea Party

  1. Cucumber tea sandwiches – if you ever make tea sandwiches, I highly recommend the very thin bread from Pepperidge Farm. It worked wonderfully for us.
  2. Pear and faux cream cheese and toasted walnuts tea sandwiches – DH found this recipe in a little tea book he had – they definitely were the hit of the party!
  3. Rosewater and pistachio cupcakes with faux cream chese frosting – from the fantabulous Isa Chandra Moskowitz and her cookbook Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World!
  4. Dried red fruits scones
  5. Blueberry stilton
  6. Blackcurrant Black Tea
  7. Pomegranate Grean Tea
  8. Passionfruit and Strawberry Red Tea

All of it was vegan and delicious except for the blueberry stilton, which was just delicious.


One thought on “Tea!

  1. Thinly slicing the cucumber is also a tremendous help – the sandwiches seemed much thinner and smoother overall. Using a vegetable peeler with a sufficiently wide blade worked a treat in this case.Can’t explain the popularity of the pear and walnut and herbed cream cheese sandwiches – I thought they would be something that only those of us with esoteric palates would enjoy. My mistake once again. Crush the walnuts really well, otherwise they’ll make the sandwiches lumpy.The highlight, though, had to be the rosewater and pistachio cupcakes. Everyone loved them, although you could tell that on hearing the description, they weren’t so sure that they would. I now think that we should try more things with rosewater as an ingredient, just to see if they were a fluke! (which I doubt).And, as a final hint, we served port and sweet sherry after the meal, which was well-received too!Oh, and I believe that your exact description of the blueberry stilton was, to quote: “evil”. Which I don’t deny at all.

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