I have been a poor blogger this last week. I have had a lot going on, and haven’t had time to put finger to keyboard – but I have kept a list of things I have done since I last wrote here, and being that my 34th birthday was yesterday, it happens to be a list of 34 things – from the mundane to the slightly less mundane to the fun.

(list 17) 34 Things I Did Since My Last Blog Entry

  1. Went to an EQ class on Thursday.
  2. Went to an EQ class on Tuesday.
  3. Went to a Zumba class on Saturday.
  4. Coveted my Zumba teacher’s Ipod pluggy in portable speaker thingy.
  5. Ate brunch at First Watch with DH.
  6. Went to a pre-birthday celebratory baseball game with DH where we watched Billy Butler play some football.
  7. Went to the movie Bank Job.
  8. Knitted a small present for a friend.
  9. Bought homemade doggie treats from a woman at work.
  10. Went to a birthday dinner with my parents, grandmother, and DH at Abuelo’s.
  11. Had a second birthday dinner with DH at Abuelo’s. (I really like Abuelo’s.)
  12. Worked a lot of hours trying to get ready for a release of a new process web site at work, including some in the middleish of the night. It felt sort of good to do that – but I don’t plan on making a habit of it.
  13. Went for a really cold walk at 5:15 AM on Friday morning – 2.8 miles through mud, rain, and blowy wind. I was glad to get it done, but it was darn cold.
  14. Completed 8.09 miles on a combination of the elliptical machine and treadmill.
  15. Had a birthday slice of vegan orange cake and a glass of Organic Gin and Juice at the Bluebird Café.
  16. Went to Kaufmann Gardens. (Another part of the birthday extravaganza DH organized for me.)
  17. Attended a talk by Bob Motley, the last living Negro Leagues umpire, and had him sign his book Ruling Over Monarchs, Giants & Stars. It was a great talk – very compelling and inspiring. (Another part of the birthday extravaganza DH organized for me.)
  18. Watched three reruns of Gilmore Girls – the story arc where Rory gets arrested and drops out of Yale.
  19. Went to Blue Koi and had curry tofu and a martini with a friend who let me talk and vent about everything and nothing. It was great.
  20. Tried to finish a stupid book that is stupid and boring and stupid but it is 709 pages and I am on page 645 and I am going to finish the stupid thing.
  21. Got lost in Perfumes: The Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez. The best book ever that was a birthday present from DH. I will write a separate blog entry about this fantastic book. After my brithday extravaganza with DH, I spent two hours transfixed by it on the couch. I had to pee and my shoes hurt but I couldn’t stop reading it. You’ll see why in a future entry.
  22. Received my annual birthday call from my mom where she told me I was the best thing that every happened to her. She is the best mom ever.
  23. Organized my chaotic beading supplies in glass bottles and a plastic dividery thingie.
  24. Made a card for a friend.
  25. Brainstormed with DH about how we can integrate buying local and organic into our lives.
  26. Drank hundreds of ounces of water, but no Diet Coke.
  27. Totally went off my diet.
  28. Didn’t get enough sleep several nights in a row.
  29. Went on a Sephora shopping spree with a gift card from DH. (Another part of the birthday extravaganza DH organized for me.) I got new lotion, shower scrub, eyebrow pencil, and a perfume that Luca Turin panned in his book, but I like it.
  30. Edited a bunch of .html in notepad – one of the levels of Hades.
  31. Installed my new Ott lite at my craft table. (A birthday gift from my parents.)
  32. Read lots of sweet birthday cards and e-mails.
  33. Cursed the squirrels who keep depotting our pansies.
  34. Came up with a list of 34 things I have done since the last time I had a blog entry.

So, as you can see, I have eaten out too much, been lavished with gifts and love, and have had a great birthday week. And 34 isn’t really old at all.


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