We had a GREAT weekend. We got lots done and had a lot of fun getting it done. Here is the list!

(list 14) Stuff We Did This Weekend

  1. I made the fused plastic bag. It took a prototype to get it right, but after that I had success. The instructions I posted a link to make a lot of cutting the bags so that they will be a flat rectangle. Pshaw! It works just as well to smoosh a bunch of plastic bags in between parchment paper and iron. The bags all melt and fuse and lay flat, and the patterns are much more interesting that way. You have to trim the fused plastic to make a rectangle to sew with, but you would have to do that anyway. I sewed the rectangles together using that invisible quilting thread which is like fishing line and sewed on handles using the Evil and Glorious Martha’s ribbon tape stuff. I took the bag out for its inagural trip to HyVee. It did very well. I will post a picture as soon as I can track down the camera and the bag at the same time.
  2. DH and the twins found a store of bricks under a layer of grass and dirt in the backyard. It really was quite a find. We needed brick or stone to encase our fire pit and a herb and flower garden. And I was dreading the trips to buy and transport new or reclaimed brick. And then we just POOF! reclaimed some from our own lawn. We were all very excited. My stepdaughter kept saying, “It is good we found that brick!” She is right. We used our newly-bricked fire pit and cooked veggie brats and smores on Saturday night. It was great. Like camping, except for the neighbors %($$(#)$#( incessantly barking dog. Annie won’t come outside when the fire is going. She is afraid of fire, like her aunt Mattie (my parents’ dog).
  3. We went to the Eat Local! soiree and tracked down Snow’s Heritage Acres and bought a share. They have a pick-up just minutes from our house on Saturdays and on May 3rd we get to go see the farm.
  4. Sunday morning I took the twins to Penguin Park and they swang and spun and climbed while I willed the clouds to clear.
  5. I am making a quilt block pillow for a friend of mine and I got the applique pieces cut out and fused on and have started stitching them down. I’ll post pictures when I am done and the receivee has received it.
  6. We all got to pick something we wanted to do this weekend, to make sure it was fair. My thing was the Eat Local! show, my stepdaughter’s thing was going to Penguin Park, and Dear Husband’s thing was time to write and garden. My stepson’s thing was going to H.M.S. Beagle, so we did. We walked away with a remote-control tarantula, solar paper, a book, owl pellets, and glass bottles for me to put my beads in. A very successful trip for everybody involved, and the twins got to spend the backlog of allowance they had accumulated.

Happy Tuesday… four days until the next weekend.

The twins by the fire pit

The twins and I inspecting tree rings in our new seat by the fire pit. (And Annie is there also!)

Our new brick-bordered garden (with a backdrop of all the overgrowth Bill and I are slowly taming.)


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