Some time in the not-so-distant past I lost the ability to know what’s cool. Now, for sure, I was never a hipster, not even when I was young enough to be a hipster. I am a huge rule-follower and a morning person – two of many reasons that excluded me from being a hipster. But, if I passed a group of hipsters and they were talking about movies or music, I knew what they were talking about. That is no more, like the ability to enjoy (or even watch) The Real World, this ability and special knowledge has evaporated with age. I still listen to the hipster music on my sattelite radio and know that it is depressing that Target now sells Converse, but other than that I am pretty much a wash-out.

But then in the last few days, I have stumbled across some things that I am pretty sure the hipsters also like, and here they are, in no particular order:

(list 15) Stuff I Think Hipsters Would Like

  1. Vegan ricotta cheese substitute – Isa Chandra Moskowitz once again changes my life – DH put this in lasagna and it was WONDERFUL!
  2. Playmobil Pirate Music Video – My brother-in-law found this one. It is really cool. The song is good, and the Playmobil pirates are adorable. I have a special fondness for this art because of the many hours (at least a few dozen) putting together Playmobil for the twins. I would have been totally frickin’ awesome on the production team for this video.
  3. Vampire Weekend – Of late I prefer bands who sing about how hard it is to work everyday (like Modest Mouse), but this band has captured my heart with their quirky lyrics. My favorite is Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa. The beat and guitar sound seem like they are lifted straight from some Paul Simon song I can’t quite place, which makes me an instant fan.
  4. Tiny Mix Tapes – I was a devotee of this site for awhile, but fell out of the practice of checking it out. I am back in! I love the themes of the mixes (for example, Sad Songs That Will Make Me Want To Dance In Public) and the music suggestions seemed to be made by hipsters who know what they are doing. I don’t get it all, but I feel better for trying.

Check ya later, dudes!


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