There are things I love about being a grown-up (grup).

(list 6) Things I Love About Being a Grup
1. No homework.
2. No scheduled lunch period that is different from your friends’ scheduled lunch period.
3. There are no popular kids. (At least they are easier to ignore.)
4. Watching whatever I want on TV.
5. Having my own dog and cat.
6. There is no need to know what is cool.
7. Making my own schedule.

Increasingly though I am finding one part of being a grup that I do not like: fear. My parents will tell you that I have always been a worrier. From the first day of kindergarten to finding a job after college, I worried. And generally the worry was needless – either everything ended up being fine or the thing I feared was not as bad as I expected.

I am finding that with a house and a family and a job there is a new level of fear – a subliminal hum in my mind that keeps me from taking risks or truly relaxing. Doesn’t that suck? From guttering to corporate downsizing to tires to college funds, the line of things to worry about seems to stretch from here to the next economic upturn – such a mind-boggling long list of worries, that I am not going to put them in a list.

Instead, today I am just going to take it one moment at a time – and take my hint from the birds DH and I saw on our hike yesterday – we made it through winter, so chirp, damnit!

(list 7) Reasons to CHIRP on March 31, 2008

1. No astronomical gas bill for another six months!
2. Today I have a job!
3. There are crocuses blooming in the back yard!
4. It is warm enough to walk outside!
5. There is a new Top Gear on TV tonight!



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